5 secrets to brand you commercial construction company like a pro

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They say brand is a promise of the value made to your a customer. We say it is a promise delivered! It is one of the most important things you can do for your business and, in the era of mushrooming construction companies, it is quite often the only way to build and maintain a strong reputation the customer will trust. The bad news is establishing a strong brand takes time, effort and perseverance. The good news is – it’s never too late to rebrand and rescue your business. Intrigued? Here are 5 secrets to brand you commercial construction company like a pro.

  1. Know what you offer

Believe it or not, many construction companies start operating without knowing what they offer. But if you don’t know what your specialisation is, how ever could you market it? Hence, one of the first secrets to brand you commercial construction company like a pro is to know what and how. First of all, what area do you specialise (or want to specialise) in? Is it a commercial or residential construction, small or big projects, new builds or refurbishments? It’s important that you make your offer crystal clear to avoid any confusion. Focusing on one or two areas of specialisation will also help you create your image as an expert in the certain field, and will improve the SEO ranking of your website. No way to lose!

  1. Know your personality and what you stand for

Once you’ve established your areas of specialisation, it’s time to decide what you want to be known for and what you wish to express through your brand. The best way to do that is to think of your brand as a person, a character that embodies your company values. Do you want to be perceived as traditional, reliable and trustworthy or innovative and with fast turn around? Remember you cannot be everything! Write the personality down for the team to see and adhere to – as of that moment they should act in ways that match your brand values when making proposals, working on a change order or delivering construction projects. In other words, they need to “be” the brand themselves. The personality should also be expressed in your name, logo, and website (more about this below!). Adding personality to your brand will make you stand out among a bunch of look-alike construction companies and will make you more relatable and personal to your customers, which – in turn – will lead to more repeat business.

  1. Know your audience inside out

One of the secrets to brand you commercial construction company like a pro, that’s often overlooked, is knowing your audience and marketing to them. Once you establish what you offer and what your brand values are, it’s crucial you have a think who your target customers are and how you can help them. Is your target audience developers, hotel owners, real estate professionals, or subcontractors? Knowing your audience will help you draft the right, targeted message that’s strong, compelling and clear. Communicate with your audience in a way that causes them to recognise you are talking specifically to them. This way you will gain their devotion and convert prospects into customers much more easily.

  1. Choose a logo that represents your company’s personality

Having gone through the three elements above, you are now ready to think about your logo. First and foremost, it has to be professional, neat and clear – it needs to tell what you do and that you are a construction company. Make sure you include the name of your company in your logo, as well. It will help your audience get familiar with your firm (and remember it easily and for a longer period of time) and you won’t get mixed up with your competitors. Secondly, make sure your logo represents your company’s personality (see point 2). Focus on one word you would like your customers to associate with your business, e.g., quality and try to represent that in your logo, either graphically or stylistically through fonts and colours you are comfortable with.

  1. Storm the Internet

In order to brand your construction company like a pro you need to be omnipresent on the Internet. In this tech-savvy age, your website coupled with social media channels and Google My Business reviews are the new word of mouth and a first opportunity to make a great impression on your potential clients. First and foremost, make sure all your sites and media channels use the same and complementary colours, fonts, and slogans as your logo, which will further accentuate your brand personality. Consistency is everything! Secondly, be active! Blog about construction, your specialisation, news, tips and trends, and share the articles on your social media. Not only will it boost your SEO, but it will also drive more traffic to your website. Last but not least, ask your clients to review you on social media as well as your Google My Business page. Potential customers are far more comfortable with hiring a construction company that has a history of doing great work as opposed to one that is known for terrible service or no service at all!