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There’s one important aspect to first impressions – you can only make them once. There is no way to have a second chance at a first impression, so it goes without saying that you need to make your first impression matter. When you run any kind of business – such as a store – for many clients, that first impression will be your storefront. 

Many clients will simply pass by your store if you don’t make the effort to really draw them in. In many cases, your first impression is your last chance to really make sure that passersby turn into customers. It’s a preview, a taste of what they can expect when they come, so it’s up to you to make sure that they know they’ll find what they’re looking for at your shop. Here are a couple pointers you should consider if you really want to draw your customers in.

Ensure maximum visibility 

In an ideal world, every shop is situated immediately near a car park so that it’s immediately visible to all passersby. Sadly, not all storefronts are located in such a way that they’re visible from the most commonly attended areas, so in order to attract customers, you may need to stand out in other ways. A lot of the times, the problem is that the shop isn’t in a very well lit place, so use lighting to your advantage. Consider neon signs to immediately distinguish your storefront from its surroundings and draw attention to it. Personalise it using custom designs and buzzwords that will serve as an immediate hook. As long as you don’t go overboard with it, it’s an effective way to draw people in.

Subtlety is key  

With that said, it’s important to remember that there is such a thing as overdoing it, and being “too visible” can act as a deterrent to potential buyers. A little bit of restraint can go a long way to make your store look more appealing to your client. While informing the passersby that you’re having a sale is in general a good idea, bombarding them with dozens of “last minute sale! 50% off!” can be very off-putting. There is a way of attracting your customers with your storefront without going over the top and screaming at them by utilising a little bit of subtlety and keeping things internally consistent. So avoid capital letters and exclamation marks – instead, make your message clear and in line with the overall presentation of your storefront.

Keep things consistent

Consistency is the basic principle behind any kind of design. Good designs are internally consistent, as they make you feel familiar and at home rather than disrupting your sense of aesthetics with clutter. Make sure that your storefront meshes nicely with what you’re actually offering by keeping your storefront design consistent. This way, your client will be able to identify your store first, as they’ll know you have what they’re looking for. Keep the expectations of your potential clients in mind and work off those ideas to craft a storefront image that will be consistent not only with itself, but also with what people expect of the specific type of product they’re looking for.

Make it as inviting as possible

Racks and shelves of products displayed at a storefront may seem like a good idea at first – after all, you’re letting the client know exactly what you have right from the beginning. But in the end, the result may simply be overwhelming. To really ensure that the interest of your clients is piqued, it’s much more important to make the storefront welcoming, almost like a reception desk. Let the storefront be a good representation of the general vibe of your store, so that your client is already in the zone as they cross the threshold of your store. This will not only help you convince your clients to enter your store, but they’ll also be motivated to stay in and purchase more products, helping your business really grow.

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