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The importance of lighting in shopfitting

Shopfitting is an art. It’s the art of fine-tuning details that my fly over a casual passerby’s head, but in the end those very details are what makes the whole design come together and attract more customers. While there are enough elements to a shopfitting project to make for a very long presentation, this article will focus for a very understated yet crucial one – lighting.

Lighting can greatly influence how your potential clients perceive your business. As such, there are several factors that you should keep in mind when deciding on the lighting:

  • Make sure that the lighting is in line with your store’s overall style – it’s hard to overstate the importance of lighting on how your shop, or any interior in general, is perceived by visitors. As such, there are specific lighting conventions connected to shops in specific field, due to the effect they have on the buyer, as well as the usual style of decor these types of shops usually represent. For example, warm lighting is perfectly suited for clothing boutiques, while cooler LED lights will be used for jewellery and cosmetics shops, as they bring greater attention to the glamour and cleanliness aspect present in the style of those shops,
  • Use lighting to create the desired atmosphere – this aspect of lighting is quite obvious, as we all keep this in mind when considering lighting for our own interiors. For shops, the rule is fairly simple – if you want your passersby to become customers, you need to draw them in with a welcoming atmosphere. If a customer feels at ease, they will be more likely to buy your product – a desired end-result for all shop owners. Another additional factor that has to do with atmosphere and you should keep in mind is the fact that your choice of lighting can influence how big your shop looks. Use white lighting to make a small shop space appear larger and less cramped, while warmer light will help you make even a large shopping space feel cosy,
  • Consider the importance of lighting in the window display – your shop’s window display is the element that’s supposed to draw your client’s sight first and foremost. It goes without saying, then, that a well-lit window display can come a long way in bringing in more customers into your shop. Consider a set of strategically-placed LED spotlights and zonal lighting if you want to bring attention to specific products or offers that might attract new clients. Another common practice that can greatly boost the chances of a client visiting you is using differently coloured lighting for various themes and seasons, e.g. St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc., so that your customers can feel even more at home when they’re in the holiday mood,
  • Choosing between perimeter and vertical lighting – these two types of lighting play specific roles in drawing clients in. Lighting placed along the perimeter of the shop can help give the shop floor more prominence and focus, helping you draw the client’s attention to the space. Vertical lighting serves a similar purpose, though, as the name suggests, it operates on a vertical plane rather than a horizontal one, and it’s the perfect means of drawing a client’s attention to specific shelves,
  • Highlighting specific products with spotlights – not all shelves in a shop are created equal, and some need more help than others to be noticed by your clients. If you want to boost the probability of one of your product being sold despite the fact that it’s located on a lower shelf, you can use a spotlight to draw attention to it. If you’re having a sale or simply want to highlight some exciting deals, spotlights will work here just as well.

If you’re still having any doubts regarding how you can use light to make the best use of your shopfitting solutions, contact Buildeo – we’ll happily design a solution that will help you attract customers in the most efficient way.

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