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The rise of the information age has made it easier than ever before to buy products without leaving the house. With that in mind, engaging shoppers is one of the greatest challenges retail shop owners face nowadays. It’s still a task that very much achievable, but it does require some clever thinking in order to make sure you can make your shop pleasant to the shoppers while also not going far over budget. Take a look at these ten cost-effective shopfitting tips to make your retail fit-outs appealing to shoppers.

1. Product placement within the shop

You’d be surprised how much the placement of your products within the shop can influence your clients. If you put the cheaper products at the front of the shop, passers-by will be more likely to enter. Higher priced products, on the other hand, should be put in areas that are visited more frequently.

2. Display positioning

For whatever reason, it’s been statistically proven that clients gravitate to the right-hand side of the shop upon entering, so it might be a good idea to put the most enticing products from your shop right there.

3. Appealing pathways

Showcase your shop’s assortment by creating a pathways that will take your client wandering around the store in a way that will allow them to see the most products possible.

4. Keep comfort in mind

Your shop’s aisles should be wide enough for your clients to walk along comfortably, and this includes parents with strollers and people with wheelchairs, so make sure you’re ready for that.

5. Prioritise best-selling products

Did you know that by placing a product on a client’s eye-level, they’re more likely to buy it? It’s a good idea to make sure your top-selling products are easily visible, and you can also implement displays at the end of a product isle in order to encourage impulse buying.

6. Give your customers a place to rest

Your clients might be tired after all the shopping they’ve already done – make their visit to your shop all the more comfortable by adding seating areas.

7. Don’t neglect your counter

Counter space can greatly help clients in terms of enhancing their packing comfort, so you can make the paying experience far less stressful with a larger amount of counter space.

8. Encourage impulse buying with extra fixtures

A small display at your register can result in more impulse buys – try it out.

9. Choose versatility

It’s best if the fixtures and aisles of your shop can be easily changed depending on the deals you’re currently having, as well as the seasons. Make things more interesting for clients by being flexible.

10. Slow down the client’s journey to the exit with eye-catching signs

By placing several interesting displays, discount signs, or product information, you can slow down your clients’ journey through your shop, and as a result, they will buy more of your products.

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