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It’s hard to deny the importance of sustainable living in this day and age. An increasingly substantial number of companies and individuals alike take greater interest in ensuring that the way they live, work, and otherwise function is both ethical and environmentally friendly. It goes without saying, then, that shopfitting, as an area like any other, requires a more sustainable approach. There are many ways to go about it, so here are some tips that can help you ensure that your shopfitting approach is as green as can be.

Using renewable, raw materials

If you want to give your shop, restaurant, or bar a truly natural, soothing, down-to-earth feel, one of the best steps you can take is implementing raw materials into your surroundings. They can help you feel at home, help you unwind after a hard day – and that’s what you want for your clients to feel when they enter your establishment. The obvious upside of this is most materials like this are completely renewable, so you can be sure that after the time comes that you have to refurbish your venue, all your internal elements will be completely recyclable. The most common way to achieve this is to use pre-finished timber materials, along with concrete flooring. But if the unfinished look is not what you’re going for, you can always seal the timber with a solvent-based product.

Save energy on lighting

Lighting has come a long way from the day of its conception. Thanks to developments in technology, there are now plenty lighting options that can ensure that the carbon footprint of your business remains as small as possible. All of these solutions involve LED lighting, which is one of the most sustainable lighting options on the market today. LED lights can last up to 50 thousand hours with very low power consumption, and they come in a number of models, so there’s plenty of room for customisation.

Digital displays are the way to go

Using various modern technological solutions, it is not only possible but optimal for your business to forego paper altogether. Not only does it help improve the overall organisation of your restaurant, shop, or other venue, it helps ensure that your business is sustainable by generating fewer waste.

When in doubt – recycle!

Resourcefulness is the number one trait anyone who wants to run a sustainable business needs. There are many fixtures that can be easily recycled or simply renewed to serve their purpose even better in a newly fitted environment. Sometimes it’s just a matter of reupholstering old furniture in order to change the whole environment in your shop. So get creative and see what you can reuse!

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