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Buildeo specialises in fit-outs for various types of clients. We’ve established our business out of true passion for the craft, believing that good design can make a real difference in any interior, whether it’s a shop, restaurant, or office building. Over the years we’ve managed to gain a significant amount of experience that allows us to perform a wide array of fit-outs for many different types of businesses, as well as private homes. Here are the types of fit-outs you can expect from us.


Starting from the very basic level, we start every project, whether it’s commercial or residential, by designing it from the ground up. We do not believe in cutting corners and will accept nothing short of excellence in designing any one of our fit-outs. We consult with the clients to determine their visions and objectives, so that we know what we’re aiming for from the very beginning. Whether you want to attract more restaurant customers, stand out from the crowd with your avant-garde boutique, or simple feel comfortable in your own home, you can be sure that we’ll take care of that in the designing stage of our fit-out. Right here, the sky is the limit – our imaginations combines with yours, adding the depth of our expertise, to create a design that will leave everyone impressed.


Are you tired of how your old bathroom looks? Need something to spruce up the living room? Or maybe your office just doesn’t have enough motivational energy for all your employees to stay productive for hours on end? Refurbishment is an integral part of the fit-out process, and we definitely offer a range of refurbishment services that will help you get the desired look for your home, restaurant, or any other area. We’ll move and remove walls, change your tiles, add any other elements that will help your interior truly shine. You can count on us to deliver on all fronts, bringing you a refurbishment service that’s like no other.

Plumbing, heating, ventilation

No home, shop, restaurant, office, or any other building can properly function without the basic amenities of water, heating, and ventilation. Choosing the proper plumbing for your interior is not only important, but it also requires a great level of expertise to determine what type of plumbing is best for your needs. Whether you need a whole bathroom fitted out or just a simple sink, getting plumbing down right is incredibly important, and that’s what we’re here for. You also want to make sure no one inside is too hot or too cold, as this may scare away potential clients – and we can help you with that. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know exactly how to adjust the placement of air conditioning units within an interior to maximise the temperature within any room.


No interior is complete without the right furniture. Whether you’re running a restaurant, shop, or simply want something nice for your home, we offer bespoke joinery services for all of our customers. We’ll make sure that your venue attracts all the right customers with its unique, captivating look. Your house will be as comfortable as can be with furniture that’s designed specifically for it. Optimise your office space’s output with custom desks, shelves, and other elements that make not only your work easier, but make work feel that much more pleasant to your employees. Our joiners possess the skill and experience to bring any one of your visions to life. So trust us – our fit-out will make your ambitions come true.

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