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Can you estimate how many times you have heard “Do this, do that and keep the track of the time and it will turn alright”, but somehow it never really does? Well, we have come up with some great ideas that can make the managing of the construction project in a way that the deadline is met and every step of the planned process goes smoothly. Those ideas are quite general and are an essence of what we have learned throughout many years of our professional career, so you can use them during small or big projects, however complicated and long they might be.

Before we begin our list, we would like you to remember, that construction project management requires as many skills and competence as any other project, but it must be applied to a very different industry. Because of the existence of factors affecting the project’s changeability and shifting its deadline, a project manager must possess a know-how on how to deal with that. Ideally, it would be somebody with experience that already had had a chance to take an active part in a few similar initiatives.

Introduce words like flexible and transparent into the planning process

All construction project managers have to keep a pulse on their projects. It’s extremely easy to lose the idea of the progress when the work is disorganised and the delays and things that were put off to do later start to pile up. Construction projects need transparency like no other and the lack of it is one of the top reasons that doesn’t allow the constructors to meet the deadline. If a right manager is taking care of the project, there should always be a possibility to implement some changes during every step. This optimisation makes a great of a difference.

Set a specific group of tasks for everyone

By creating a specific procedure made out of every step that you have to fulfil in order to finish the project, you get the idea how and where certain works need to be done. By dividing those steps into a specific group of people and giving them a well-organised schedule, you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings and confusion later on.

For becoming an even better manager, you can keep planning continuously, which will allow you to make changes whenever they are needed. Thanks to that, you will be able to manage the project in a thought-through manner, which can only result in a great outcome.

Focus more on communication

We know from the studies, that great and quality managers spend about 60 to 80 per cent of their time on human-related activities. With the average 10 per cent, they wouldn’t be able to do as much, because of lack of enough communication. Why is it so important? Well, it’s one of the most important factors in any construction project. Because of the vulnerability of the industry caused by changes, the quick and adequate flow of information is a must. It will solve the problem when it aires and won’t cause as much damage as the situation potentially could. One of the smartest method – except face-to-face contact – is to create a dedicated channel in a prefered communication platform and inform everybody concerned in real time, by submitting information, comments or photos.

Count in possible risks into the project

While working in an industry where a simple mistake can hold a whole project, it’s important to foresight those situations. Construction projects, just as life, are quite unpredictable. A well-prepared and experienced project manager should have the idea of what can go wrong and prepare beforehand just in case. This means that they should spend some of their time identifying as many risks as they can before the project even begins. It might seem like a complete waste of time for someone inexperienced, but in reality is one of the most crucial steps that need to take place in order to be secure. This will make the project team well prepared and reduce the uncertainty of what to do.

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