5 Low – Budget Restaurant Renovation Ideas

When choosing a restaurant, customers expect not only a special meal but also aesthetics and specific energy. If your restaurant looks outdated, maintaining regular and acquiring new customers can be a challenge. These five ideas for low-budget renovation will help you boost your revenue and will give your restaurant a fresh, new look.

1. Define your target.
Similarly to representatives of other industries, restaurateurs understand the need to identify the target group. Information about potential customers and their interests will allow you to carefully plan the budget, arrange the space and will affect the involvement of clients in the future.

2. First impression.
As they say, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. The first impression can have a lasting impact on how people will perceive your brand, service and food. One of the low budgeting ways to renovate and refresh the first impression of customers is to redesign the restaurant entrance. It is particularly important to choose the right colour that can increase brand recognition by up to 80% and is the main factor responsible for making decisions by people. The right colour that matches your brand will bring out features such as passion and peace. Choosing a bold colour for doors, shutters or panels will let you not only save money, but it can also attract new customers.

3. New floor.
Maintaining an attractive floor in a crowded restaurant can be problematic. There are many floors available on the market. The most efficient materials are natural cleft slate and acrylic-infused engineered hardwood floors. The advantages of using natural cleft slate are its resistance to all kinds of leaks and stains, as well as a rustic look that suits different interior furnishing styles. Acrylic wood floors are virtually indestructible and give the interior a more modern character. If it is not possible to replace all floors at once, then try to focus on crucial areas such as the entrance, bar area or waiting room.

4. Furniture.

Customers waiting for a meal have a lot of time to pay special attention to the surroundings and furniture. The old and worn ones may be associated with lower quality food and services, which may result in a lower amount of orders. Even a small modification, such as a different colour table, can change the perception of restaurants by customers, increase their satisfaction and encourage them to return to the restaurant. Refreshing tables and chair upholstery can significantly increase restaurant revenues with relatively low renovation costs. If your budget is not impressive, try to finish the furniture in batches starting from the most visible in brightly lit places.

5. New lighting.
Correct restaurant lighting will help illuminate the room as a whole. Install lights of varying intensity and task lights above or near each table. Keep this light warm and bright enough to make objects visible for both customers and staff. Task lighting illuminates the tables, maintaining an intimate atmosphere. Use accent lighting to highlight artwork on the walls. Combining these types of lighting brings the best results.