Inexpensive Renovation Ideas That Will Help Your Hotel Increase Revenue

Hotel refurbishment is an opportunity to promote your hotel and a chance to receive a higher ROI. Carrying out several cost-effective renovations will also help you to achieve better results than competing hotels. When planning a hotel renovation, it is important to consult with the architect and the relevant general contractor to maintain the project at a high level. Here are some ideas for inexpensive renovations that will allow you to follow current trends and significantly increase turnover.

Hotel lobby renovation.

One of the easiest ways to attract customers is to refer to the traditions of the place or region. Many tourists like to learn about local culture, whether they travel for business or leisure. Incorporate these inspirations to the decor of the hotel lobby through an iconic art from nearby artists and add regional flavours to your menu. If you want to make a good impression on your guests, focus on creating a unique and multifunctional space in the hotel lobby. The lobby after renovation should provide guests with a place for both formal and casual conversations. Space segmentation will help you create functional workplaces, free socialization zones, and ensure intimacy. To make the lobby look elegant and attractive, install large chandeliers, choose dark wood floors and furniture. The combination of modernity and vintage style will create a unique design that will attract both millennials and guests from abroad. Choose a neutral colour palette that will highlight the beauty of old furniture in your hotel lobby. Do not forget to add a lot of green houseplants.

Room renovation.

Push your creativity to new heights and renovate a perfect hotel room. Use a bright colour palette, combine textures and accent furniture. Open space if possible. Avoid creating a classic bed-table-cabinet combination. Thanks to creative solutions, guests will spread information about your hotel, which will measurably impact your revenues. Hotel rooms full of natural light will look better if you will add a touch of colour and place colourful furniture. Carpets with patterns and several pot plants will inspire your guests.

Zen-inspired bathrooms.

Hotel guests love relaxation areas. Renovate and arrange spa-like bathrooms to attract new guests. Install waterfall showers and use natural elements such as rocks, stones and wood to decorate. When choosing sanitary facilities, remember to fit the bathroom design. Placing a Zen-style bathroom under a roof window will further enhance your guests’ experience.

Ecological responsibility.

Each construction project involves the production of commercial rubbish. You should recycle materials and consider using everything possible to reduce the amount of garbage generated. It may be helpful to hire a reliable company specializing in commercial waste disposal or consult your general contractor regarding that matter.