Tips for a Successful Hotel Renovation

Tips for a Successful Hotel Renovation

​Renovating a hotel is not easy but keeping the property in top condition and generating high sales for years is much more difficult. Posting advantageous photos of your refurbished hotel increases the likelihood that a traveller will choose your service. According to a study done by TripAdvisor: “Properties with at least one photo see an increase of 138% in travel engagement.” “Properties with more than 100 photos see an increase of 151% in travel engagement.” “Properties with more than 1,000 photos see an increase of 203% in travel engagement.” Here are some tips to keep your hotel makeover hassle-free.

Assembling the team

Create a team of professionals who are highly experienced in the hotel and will work together to oversee the entire renovation process. Team members should include owners/investors, operators, designers, contractors and dedicated project managers. Omitting design expertise early in the process of sourcing suppliers typically lowers reliability in terms of time, cost, and quality standards. Renovating a hotel facility requires people who are very good at their job, can cope with unexpected challenges and can work with other people. Never risk your project or reputation on an inexperienced contractor.


Renovation of the hotel is an opportunity for the facility to stand out from the competition by developing some improvements for guests and identity. Renovation is not the best idea during the most booked period. See the real estate use trends from previous years to determine the off-season period. Channel manager and access to the booking engine are a good starting point to get this information. Construction and renovation rarely go according to plan. Changing your vision midway can result in serious cost overruns and time delays that your business can ill afford. Refurbishments come in all shapes and costs so make sure you know how much you can afford before you get into it.

Determining the budget

Determining the budget is one of the most important steps in a successful hotel renovation, as it affects the entire implementation process. Knowing the renovation budget from the very beginning gives a chance for better negotiations with suppliers of materials and furniture because we are aware of the maximum of our investment. Additionally, since most materials and products are made to order, having the right budget can help us achieve on-time deliveries that significantly contribute to consistent project delivery. When interior designers have a clear understanding of the overall renovation budget from the outset, it can better manage and allocate money to those parts that would strengthen both the hotel concept and furnishings and would lead to increased profitability.

Choose classic and durable styles

Renovations cannot be carried out too often. Choose styles and patterns that are classic and will survive short-lived fashions. Change patterned bedding to more neutral and solid colours. Choose fabrics made of more natural fibres such as cotton and down. It won’t break the bank but will give your guests a sense of modern comfort. Get rid of outdated photos and souvenirs from the walls. You can buy local art or give an artist a place to showcase his work.