The Best Hotel Lobby Renovation Ideas to Help Increase Your Revenue

The Best Hotel Lobby Renovation Ideas to Help Increase Your Revenue

Renovation of the hotel lobby is not only about replacing worn-out furniture or floors but also about standing out from the competition in the hotel industry. Renovated spaces must meet standards such as freshness and technological adaptation. Most owners and managers consider hotel lobby refurbishment mandatory. Otherwise, the object will be doomed to disappear. Here are the best hotel renovation ideas to help increase your income.

The Entrance Area

​If you want to make an unforgettable first impression on your guests, you should start your renovation project by creating a multifunctional and dynamic space in your hotel lobby. The new hotel lobby should provide space for both casual and formal conversations. Create space segmentation to provide intimate, free socialization zones as well as comfortable and functional workspaces. The extravagant and unforgettable effect will bring the appeal to nature in the form of green walls, interesting plants or internal waterfalls. This way, guests will feel connected to nature. At the same time, you will also create a unique, peaceful space that will inspire others to relax. Choosing a green colour must be preceded by checking if there is enough natural light in the hotel lobby. Otherwise, you would need to install more windows or an atrium. Large chandeliers, dark wood floors and furniture as well as an atmospheric colour palette will further emphasize this mood. You can also bring sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, art pieces, vintage sculptures to a modern interior and create a unique modern design that will attract millennials and international visitors. To accentuate vintage furniture, choose a light and neutral colour palette.

Reception desk

The front of the reception desk should be fancy, comfortable for users, always clean, durable and elegant. From the inside, there are hidden cabinets, shelves with documents, computers, printers, money boxes, a deposit safe, payment terminal, first aid kit and many other things. If the hotel still uses traditional keys, a key cabinet is an important part of the reception desk. The most popular materials for reception desks are stone, wood, ceramics, brick, glass and concrete, as well as their various combinations. The receptionist’s place must be consistent with the rest of the space, maintaining the proportions, colours and overall expression of the finishing elements used.

Friendly to the ears

The acoustics in a hotel lobby is just as important as comfort and beautiful furniture. Ceramics, concrete, stone and glass are sound reflective surfaces. Therefore, when designing, it is worth carrying out acoustic simulations and seeing how sounds will propagate in individual parts of the hall, and then neutralizing the effect of these reflections. Plush sofas with high headrests will partially soundproof the room, and walls full of plants will additionally improve the acoustics of the space.


Cleanliness is the most important factor when it comes to the guest first impression. In the hotel lobby, cleaning is a constant activity due to the traffic. Cleaning should be discreet, fast and efficient. More cavities places where dust accumulates means more difficult cleaning. Very light and very dark colours are particularly demanding because all dirt is easily visible on them. It is much more practical to choose colours and surfaces that mask the first traces of dirt. Ceramic tiles in the colour of natural stone and wood are perfect. They are resistant to mechanical damage and high traffic.

Environmental friendliness

Whether you are simply updating the interior of your hotel or doing a general renovation, you should be ecologically responsible. Remember to recycle and reuse whatever you can. This way you will reduce the amount of waste. Think about hiring a general contractor who will be environmentally aware, knowledgeable about the harmfulness of various building materials, and who will know how to dispose of commercial waste quickly.