4 Best Flooring Options for Hotels


Carefully selected hotel floors meet the requirements of durability, safety and attractiveness for hotel guests. Installing any type of flooring in a hotel space has both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the type of hotel, estimated budget and what effect you would like to achieve. Wooden floors can really increase space and make it more luxurious, but at the same time, wood is vulnerable to water damage and it is quite expensive. The carpet is a good choice for hotel rooms due to its cosy aesthetics and affordable price. Vinyl is the perfect option for those who aren’t trying to impress well-paying guests. Installing various types of floors in space such as bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms or dining rooms requires completely different solutions.

Carpet Flooring

The smooth surface of the rug is sure to impress guests at first glance. The carpets always look good and inviting and also cushion footsteps which reduces the noise level throughout the hotel. The noise level significantly affects the comfort of the stay in the hotel. Another advantage of the carpet is warmth and comfort. There are carpets on the market available in almost every imaginable texture, pattern, colour and shade to match your existing interiors perfectly.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and inexpensive. They come in a variety of designs, colours and styles to match your hotel interior design perfectly. Due to its affordable price, vinyl can be found in low-budget hotels and hostels. One of the most important features of these floors is that they are hygienic and easy to clean. Despite being scratch-resistant, sometimes these types of floors become damaged. However, if any vinyl area is damaged, it is easy to remove and then replace with one that will fit perfectly. There is no need to refurbish the entire floor again. Vinyl flooring often imitates stone, wood, or tile to provide an attractive look in rooms at half the price of their more expensive counterparts.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are extremely durable, visually attractive and luxurious due to their price compared to vinyl or carpets. A wooden floor is a great choice for entrances and reception areas to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, due to noise, it’s not a good choice for hotel rooms. Wooden floors are quite easy to scratch by the movement of furniture or wheels on suitcases. To avoid these problems, very often general contractors install laminate wood. This is a scratch-resistant solution that also provides better stability, is easy to clean and is available at an affordable price.

Rose granite

Rose granite floor is a good solution for reception areas and hotel entrance. Such a floor contains small spots in shades of black, white, grey and pink which give a hotel floor a touch of colour. Each piece of granite has a unique pattern and blend of colours that add an illusion of movement throughout the design. You can manually select each piece of granite to combine and match the colour scheme, grain size, and pattern. Once installed, the glossy surface of granite will dazzle hotel guests as soon as they enter the hotel.


In all hotels, a combination of different types of flooring usually works best. By using a combination of different types of flooring, interiors motifs can be complemented or contrasted. Consider what kind of flooring your guests expect. Will they prefer wood, vinyl or granite in a hotel lobby?