The Most Common Pub Construction and Design Mistakes

In the hospitality sector, where innovation is valued as much as tradition, pub owners are often faced with the challenge of making sure that their pub meets today’s customer demands while retaining the traditional features with which they identify. The competition is overwhelming so the look and atmosphere of the pub must be relevant. Not always pub owners are aware that the refurbishment might bring many problematic issues. Details are easy to overlook without a specific plan and experienced general contractor. New pub owners are especially prone to design mistakes because they are unaware of many important nuances associated with the architecture, construction, durability and resistance of materials. Here are some of the most common mistakes new owners make when renovating a pub.

Building Regulations

In recent years, both health and building regulations have become more restrictive for food businesses. Many owners try to avoid the supervision of building inspectors by carrying out risky work on the weekends. When planning a pub remodeling, you should obtain the appropriate qualifications for the work performed because the penalties are very high. Delay might be not the only one of distressing consequences.

Misunderstanding Pub Renovation Budget

​Pub renovations do not belong to the cheap. Buying a property from a previous owner does not mean savings. The cost of a pub renovation can increase quickly depending on the scope of work and finishing details. Reportedly, as many as a third of new pubs do not open due to lack of funds for renovation.

Construction Schedule

One of the more common mistakes new pub owners make is over-reliance on builders who define an extremely fast project lead time. Some contractors promise and say anything to get a contract. Even the most precise plans may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as human errors, weather events or inspection delays. Therefore, to the time specified by the main contractor, you should add twice as much.


The cost of handling, personnel and filling a large space is unnecessarily high. Significant savings can be achieved thanks to the functional arrangement of a smaller space. It is worth investing in a premise with high ceilings to install a mezzanine or create storage.

Second-hand Kitchen Equipment

Many owners choose to purchase used kitchen equipment. When buying second-hand kitchen equipment you don’t save as much as you think. There are no warranties and returns. There is also no information whether the equipment used complies with the current regulations.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are popular nowadays because their primary benefit is adding excitement and transparency to the guest experience. Certain areas in the kitchen are unfortunately not suitable for display. Dishwashers, kitchen floors, and preparation areas should be hidden.


Sizes of bars may be different. It all really depends on the type of drinks offered and the designer’s concept. The standard height of the bar top is about 1.1 m from the finished floor. Inexperienced pub owners often forget this.


One of the most common mistakes pub owners make is lack of balance between design elements. When designing a pub, use a combination of finishing materials and decorative elements that absorb sound. It can be a big problem when your guests are unable to hear each other’s conversations at the table.