Restaurant Rebranding, Redesign & Refurbishment


The pandemic continues to impact the hospitality industry. Global restrictions to control the spreading of the COVID-19, such as social distancing and the ban on large gatherings, led to a significant decrease in the number of guests in restaurants. Faced with the temporary closure, some restaurateurs are looking for innovative ways to survive the crisis and strengthen their position after reopening. One of them is rebranding. Here are some tips for restaurants considering a rebranding, redesign and refurbishment in a pandemic time.


When deciding to rebrand a restaurant, you need to be aware of your audience. This applies not only to regular customers but also to those you would like to acquire. Consider residents and the demographics of a nearby population. Think about who your largest potential target group is, what is their age and what is the average income. Consider completely different solutions and ways to make the restaurant more attractive than those offered by competitive restaurants in the area. Plan how to get a broader demographic.

Logo and Style

Changing the logo is one of the first changes that customers notice. The logo represents the entire brand, so it must be consistent with its style and image. Experts point out that the logo should not be subjected to various facelifts too often, because guests may associate it with unreliability. It’s worth noting that changing the brand and logo without rebuilding the physical space of the restaurant, based solely on marketing, may not work as well as you wish. A complete change of style, renovation of the dining room, adapting the front of the restaurant to organize take away delivery services, and taking into account the current limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic is more beneficial for your business than sticking to old and outdated patterns.

Engage Your Senses
Sight. The most valued and profitable restaurants have a soul. It’s something difficult to describe and impossible to

design. However, it is possible to aspire to the highest quality by serving really fresh products and introducing visual elements such as colour, equipment, custom furniture, fabrics, finishes and surfaces. Often, even the usual, well-chosen shade paint can completely change the perception of guests.
Smell. People remember the smell the most of all senses. Therefore, it is very important to understand what types of smells dominate in your restaurant. Are there only smells related to the culinary experience or perhaps walls which was not refurbished for years spread the smell of damp and mold?

Sound. Ask yourself what your guest should hear and what not in the dining area, toilet and kitchen. Many companies specialize in designing acoustics in restaurants. Interestingly, experienced chefs take into account even the sound that accompanies creating a new dish or eating it.
Touch. Let various interior design elements such as cutlery, doors, door handles or bathroom fittings help tell the story of your brand. The use of non-obvious solutions will arouse more interest, create unforgettable impressions and prepare the background for your new brand.

Taste. The restaurant’s success is determined by the unique taste of the dishes and drinks offered. To find out more about the opinions of guests, it is worth conducting guest satisfaction surveys. The degree of employee satisfaction and whether they would recommend their employer is also important.

Interior Design Update

Restaurant rebranding is not only about an updated logo or new dishes on the menu. The rebranding covers all aspects of the customer-centric business, such as interior design. Interior renovation should not be left to amateurs, so it is important to invest in the professional help of an experienced designer and general contractor. Experienced architects, interior designers and general contractors are familiar with the past, present and future renovation trends in the hospitality sector. They know which design solutions will attract more customers. They will also help you decide on the overall style of your space. Should it remain faithful to its present appearance or should it undergo a major overhaul? Your designer will surely come up with a creative and functional project that, when properly made by an experienced general contractor, can be a huge success. Redesigning the interior of a restaurant is extremely important, and rebranding is the perfect excuse to get it right.