Cafe Renovation Tips for a Tight Budget

There are no universal guidelines for all types of premises regarding ​aesthetics​, ​interior design and ​cafe remodeling​. Each ​project brings new opportunities, challenges and a chance to ​redefine both ​brand and ​image​. Sensible strategy combined with a precisely conducted ​cafe renovation will help ​increase revenue​, ​reach new customers and provide employees with a ​modern working environment​. Below are some ​coffee shop design and refurbishment tips to help you attract more potential customers.


​Location is responsible for the company’s success as it determines the ​demographic structure of customers and the menu. A ​cafe operating in a ​shopping mall ​is a great idea when you plan to focus on additional sales of other goods. The ​corner store concept is to open a cafe near a busy intersection, which should ensure plenty of morning customers. If you are considering a ​residential area​, choose a cosy place with minimal competition to avoid shrinking your potential ​customer base​.

The Exterior

​The first look at ​the exterior of your coffee shop is a key factor from a marketing point of view, so it must stand out from the competition, be inviting and friendly. The ​renovated facade should reflect the ​decor of the cafe and give the impression that the ​venue is affordable, attractive and desirable in the community it serves. ​Custom-made ​high windows ​combined with the glass food display ​will ​attract customers​. Make sure your ​brand is ​coherent and ​consistent so your customers know what to expect. If you don’t analyze all the elements of the cafe exterior​, that need ​renovation​, the chance of making a ​good first impression and at the same time ​long-term sales​ will suffer.

Interior Finishes

​Installation of ​aesthetic and ​durable floors in ​coffee shops does not require huge financial outlays. You can achieve stunning results without breaking your budget. The most common are ​acid stained concrete floors and new commercial ​vinyl tiles.​ Vinyl tiles are a relatively inexpensive solution​, come in a variety of designs, durable and easy to ​install​. ​High-quality anti-skid ceramic tiles are more expensive but ensures longer use. Rugs are not a very practical because they get dirty quickly, are difficult to clean and need to be replaced too often. ​Wooden floors require care and can warp when exposed to moisture, so it is worth investing in better types of wood that will serve you for years. If you have opened a cafe in a historic building, leave the ​walls​ in their natural state if possible.


​Hospitality lighting has become a complex art form in recent times. New technologies help to create a positive mood and stimulate the appetite of customers. A good ​cafe lighting design requires more preparation then general, should be bright, airy and contain three types of artificial lighting: ​ambient​, accent​, and ​decorative​. Before ​designing coffee shop lighting consider not only colour and mood but alsosafety and ​energy consumption​. Learn how to use and ​control natural light by ​installing an ​external sunblind that blocks direct sunlight. You can ​install internal curtains or internal blinds ​to cut off the direct sunlight or keep the heat inside on very cold days. Ask your ​local hospitality lighting specialists for advice before making your final decision.