Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Hotel Furniture

​Oak wood is considered as an ideal ​material for the ​construction of ​high-quality hotel furniture because it is much more durable than other types of ​hardwood​. Furniture made of oak is resistant to fungal attacks, does not deteriorate quickly and suits various types of ​interior design​. There are many types of oak, ranging from natural to American white oak, but ​manufacturers use only a few of them for ​building hospitality cabinets​, ​tabletops​, ​chairs​, ​windows ​and ​floors​. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ​oak hotel furniture​? What is the right choice for your ​hospitality venue?

Advantages of Custom-made Oak Furniture for Hotels

​Oak comes in about 600 varieties. Its most important ​advantages​, determining the popularity in the hospitality industry​, are high mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion, stains, dust and the fact that it does not require regular cleaning and polishing. Also, the beautiful texture of oak wood makes it a perfect match for both ​traditional and ​contemporary hotel projects​. Oak wood is resistant to insects and fungi. Hotel furniture made of oak wood is less warped than other types of wood, and also has very good waterproof properties, such as the already mentioned white oak. Other advantages of oakwood are susceptibility to aesthetic processing and ease of coating. The long service life of solid oak furniture and greater stability make it a widely used material in hotels. When it comes to the construction of ​wooden countertops​, wardrobes​, cabinets and flooring for the needs of hotels, oak remains the most popular choice because it is durable and inexpensive. Most of the furniture for this sector is custom-made​, so the choice of sizes, shapes and shades is endless. There are usually two types of oak wood, one is white oak and the other is red oak. The most popular recently is European oak and Character oak. European oak has a uniform appearance with a few unevenness. It is cheaper than Character oak and consistent in appearance. The Character oak has cracks along the grain of the wood. As a result, the surface acquires an interesting appearance. The distinctive oak is more prone to expand and contract in unpredictable ways, leading to small cracks and a more rustic feel over time. Character oak is about 20% more expensive than European Oak. Oak wood is widely available and relatively inexpensive compared to other types of hardwood. Oak is an economical and solid choice. Wood adheres well to the varnish and is the best material for wardrobes, windows, doors and floors.

Disadvantages of Custom-Made Oak Furniture for Hotels

​When it comes to the disadvantages of oakwood, there are definitely fewer of them than the advantages. Oak wood is not as easy to polish as fine-grain wood. It is also very heavy so it is very difficult to make a contemporary piece of furniture. Oak wood is also very difficult to cut and prone to cracking if not handled properly. If the oak wood is not completely cleaned, the furniture may shrink and turn into cracks. The stain may darken and provide an unattractive two-tone appearance over time.

Maintenance of Hotel Oak Furniture

​Maintaining oak furniture requires precision. Experts recommend one-time oiling with Danish or food-safe mineral oil, which will help maintain a good condition for longer. Soaking oak furniture in water will damage it. The reason for the wear and tear of hotel furniture are pieces of dust that accumulate inside the grain of the wood and cause damage. Both regular vacuuming and wiping the surface with a damp cloth to get rid of grease and dirt, and then drying these areas with a soft cloth will allow enjoying good-quality furniture for longer.