5 Common Restaurant Design and Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


Business success in the hospitality industry depends not only on the quality of the meals served but also on the atmosphere in the restaurant. The rooms must be aesthetically designed and finished so that guests and staff can move around efficiently. Unfortunately, in many eateries, there are still frequent mistakes during renovation, which have a negative impact on the atmosphere and functionality of the rooms. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of them.

1. Copying Interior Design Concept
Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants look similar nowadays. A black and white logo, a chalkboard with a menu, wooden

tables, industrial lamps. These elements you can find in many places. It is not worth repeating the ideas of others, even if they have proven themselves elsewhere. Designer chairs or Provencal accessories will not look good on all premises. Additionally, it is worth remembering that trends change quickly and what is fashionable today may be considered kitschy in a few months. Therefore, it is worth focusing on timeless elements that will be unique and will distinguish the interior from others.

2. Inadequate Layout

Restaurants with open kitchens are more and more popular. Guests like to watch the chefs at work. However, this solution is not always effective, especially when ventilation does not work well. In many places, the functionality of dining rooms is seriously disturbed. Typical problems are too small kitchen or too narrow bar. This is the result of a bad architectural design. Too little cooking space is a big problem for chefs and their assistants. Efficient work in a small kitchen is very difficult, which does not have a positive effect on the comfort and speed of work, also for waiters and bartenders.

3. Uncomfortable Furniture

Inconvenient and uncomfortable furniture is a nightmare of many restaurants. Chairs are too slippery or very hard, and tables are often too high or too low. When designing the interior of a restaurant, you should think about future customers and their comfort. Furniture should also be adapted to the entire interior of the restaurant and be a combination of an effective appearance and functionality. Therefore, the best solution is to order custom-made furniture rather than buying ready-made ones. Although ready-made furniture is cheaper than those specially designed for the hospitality industry and can be purchased without waiting for the production process, their quality often leaves much to be desired. When buying contract furniture, you can be sure that it will perfectly match the premises and will allow you to take full advantage of the available space. This is definitely the solution for perfectionists. In addition, it will create an impression of professionalism and the highest quality among guests visiting the restaurant. When choosing bespoke joinery solutions, you can decide not only on the dimensions of the furniture but also on the materials.

4. Inadequate Lighting

Restaurant lighting is one of the most important factors influencing the atmosphere of the premises. Directing the light to the tables enhances the appearance of the dishes. Therefore, it is worth investing in appropriate, preferably energy-saving lamps. Ideally, if it is possible to adjust the light intensity. It is not worth following the latest trends blindly. Fashionable industrial lighting will not work in every restaurant. If there is poor lighting in the restaurant, customers feel tired and do not relax as they should. Both in the kitchen and the dining room, the lighting should be warm, similar to daylight, because it has a positive effect on the well-being of employees and guests. Avoid one light source. Small standing or hanging lamps and wall lamps installation are better solutions. Light can also decorate the restaurant. Small lamps on the guests’ tables will create a unique atmosphere. Kerosene lamps might be an interesting element in vintage restaurants. In a modern, minimalist place, neons and fashionable LED strips will be a perfect choice.

5. Too Much Decoration

Every restaurant is a place where meals are eaten. Therefore, it should always be neat and clean. However, there are still a large number of very cluttered places with too many different types of decorations. They often go against the overall decor of a restaurant and simply don’t go well with it. There should be no place for items that collect dust and obstruct movement.