Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Restaurant Renovation


Restaurants should attract their guests with tasty and fresh food. Some customers are looking

for a traditional menu, but some prefer more sophisticated flavours. The interior design and its

atmosphere often have a greater impact on attracting potential customers than the menu itself.

Although restaurant renovation may involve high costs associated with the purchase of new

equipment, sometimes this is the only chance to increase the number of customers. General

renovation of the restaurant is usually carried out when the owners think about a complete

metamorphosis of the premises. They should also refresh the restaurant interior from time to

time, paint walls or replace furniture. The frequency of work largely depends on the condition of

the premises and the owner’s budget.

Renovation Plan

The average “lifetime” of a restaurant, when it comes to large cities, is about 3 years. After this time, its

importance and the developed brand weaken, along with the waning interest of customers. A relatively

small number of eateries manage to survive on the market for more than four years. There are exceptions

in this matter, often paid for with great luck, an accurate idea, or hitting a niche on the market. However, it

is worth taking matters into your own hands, think ahead and refurbish your restaurant. The efficient

renovation of the restaurant without a detailed plan might be extremely difficult and expensive. When

renovating the existing restaurant, owners should be aware that each additional day of work of the

construction team is related to its remuneration as well as the cost of lost profits. All stages of the

renovation must be well planned, key decisions well analyzed and taken before starting work. The owners

of existing premises have experience and knowledge of customer preferences. Understanding the exact

profile of the guests will help to design restaurant interiors that will meet the requirements and needs of

the target group. There is also a greater likelihood of avoiding many wrong decisions or non-functional

organization of the kitchen space.

Construction Professionals

Renovating a restaurant is a complex project. Therefore, it is crucial to hire professionals from the

construction and hospitality industry to design the commercial kitchen. Thanks to the advice of

experienced architects, and chefs you can avoid many mistakes. Introducing any changes after the

refurbishment is not always possible and often very costly. When planning a commercial kitchen,

individual sections and work areas of the staff are separated. Separated spaces are equipped with

specific technologies designed precisely in terms of the nature of the place and the menu. While

commercial kitchen remodeling should be the subject of discussion with an experienced chef, the design

of the remaining rooms should be consulted with a competent architect. The next stage is hiring an

experienced general contractor to implement the project. Preferably one that specializes in the design of

restaurants and public utility facilities. He will be aware of the current trends and values of the restaurant

industry. It is almost impossible to carry out a renovation project on your own without proper knowledge

and experience. A comprehensive design of the premises prepared by construction specialists includes

not only the interior arrangement plan or table arrangement, but also many other elements, such as the

design of the lighting corresponding to the interior and the sound system, preceded by acoustic analysis

of the room. An experienced general contractor will quickly and efficiently implement all the architects and

chefs ideas. Finding general contractors is not always easy, so you should think about it in advance.

Carefully conducted preparation for the remodeling of the restaurant is a guarantee of the successful

completion of the entire project.