Contract Furniture for Hotel Lobby


The hotel lobby is not only a place that guests see first, where they can rest or wait for a hotel room. It is also a place that every hotelier, after a general renovation, can turn into an additional source of income. In higher-class hotels, refurbished reception, small shops, lounges with jewellery, newspapers, or souvenirs can be added convenience. Ideally, when the project of the hotel lobby combines comfort, functionality and attractive design. Will contract classic furniture work in such an interior, or is it better to focus on modern design?

Furniture for the Reception Area

The reception and the lobby area are the hallmarks of a hotel, guesthouse or hostel. Their equipment often requires an individual approach to the subject due to the variety of styles and sizes. The uncomfortable daily use of an office chair for many hours can lead to injuries. Therefore, the furniture for the reception desk must provide convenience and comfort of use. Remembering that work at the reception desk often lasts from 8 to even 12 hours – comfortable armchairs are essential. In addition to the ergonomic armchairs, you can not forget about a functional desk where the staff will check hotel reservations, answer calls and respond to emails. The reception equipment is a combination of high-quality materials and modern solutions. Designer reception desks, which have a modular structure, can adapt to any space. In addition, they look clean and versatile. Their design attracts customers who perceive the hotel positively through the prism of the reception. Reception furniture looks different depending on its destination. The custom-made furniture for the hotel reception desk will differ from the contract furniture for the reception desk at the health clinic, and the furniture for the beauty salon reception desk will be of different colours than the furniture at the attorney’s office reception. Nevertheless – the intended use will remain the same.

Contract Furniture for Hotel Lobby

Regardless of the number of stars in the hotel, furniture for the lobby is necessary. The standard equipment of the hotel lobby includes:

  • ●  comfortable armchairs and footrests,
  • ●  large corner or multi-seater sofas,
  • ●  pouffes,
  • ●  coffee tables,
  • ●  floor lamps and overhead lighting.

Some hostels have an interconnected lobby area with a kitchenette. In this case, a table with upholstered chairs will be the perfect solution. Hotel lobby furniture should be comfortable and encourage people to stay longer. Sofas, armchairs and corner sofas made of leather are easy to care for and look new for a long time. The lobby is a representative place in the hotel. Therefore, the purchase of designer furniture is an excellent choice. They will fit many interior design styles – industrial, modern, minimalist or Scandinavian.

Accessories and Decorations

Attractive accessories will make the guests’ time spent in the hotel lobby more enjoyable. It is a good idea to set up newspaper stands or hang a TV screen where you can watch the latest news or matches. Do not forget about decorations. Currently, the most popular trend is to decorate the interiors of public spaces with plants. Thanks to it, space becomes cosier, and guests, surrounded by flowers, can relax.

Professional Help in Arranging Hotel Interiors

The hotel success depends on many factors, not only the appearance but also friendly and professional service, affordable prices, the presence of additional attractions such as a swimming pool or SPA treatments. However, comfortable and designer hotel equipment is half the battle because it will make guests return and recommend services to others. The quality of the equipment will be beneficial, and its careful selection will help create a unique atmosphere. Therefore, it is worth hiring a professional company supplying furniture for hotel interiors. Then you can make sure that all elements are consistent with each other and fulfil their functions.