Design and Renovation of Wellness Interiors in the Hotel Industry


The demand for wellness services is constantly growing, and in recent years the modern hotel industry has evolved into wellness hospitality. Most large hotel brands have their well-being department responsible for implementing health programs for guests. Whether it is a city, conference or resort facility, newly established hotels already offer their guests some wellness components. Wellness in hospitality is not a temporary trend but a permanent change that will define this industry in the next several or even several dozen years. Therefore, when designing a wellness space in a hotel, it is worth analyzing every little detail of the architecture and interior design. They will have a significant impact on the level of guest satisfaction in the future.

Wellness & Spa Services in the Hotel Industry

Hotel guests more and more often choose atmospheric wellness & spa facilities if they meet strict needs such as a unique, charming location, discretion, silence and service. Following their philosophy of life and a healthy lifestyle, there are separate kitchens, Vege dining rooms, intimate meditation and yoga rooms. A reputable personal trainer is no longer a rarity, and exclusive SPA facilities are becoming a standard.

Hotel Architecture, Interior Design and Renovation

When designing a wellness and spa space, you should consider: attractive interiors, efficient floor plan, using appropriate materials during hotel renovation, good quality of work, room acoustics, and hiring a proven general contractor to provide competent management during hotel remodelling. The architectural design of the facility for hotel guests with sophisticated needs must be unique. The shape, layout and interior design must be tasteful, on a world-class design level, and at the same time functional and compliant with applicable standards. The quality of hotel architecture and interiors cannot be accidental, inconsistent and not included in the renovation budget. You cannot save money in the last phase of refurbishment by installing cheap tiles or radiators.

Customer Experience

Each customer experience must not only be perfect but even above expectations. Windows must be tight, door handles close noiselessly, and the tap must not drip. Ceramic tiles should consistently emphasize the prestige of the place in terms of colour, pattern, format and touch. Each tasteful element of the arrangement is a tribute to the customer. Therefore, the price of unique hotel services has the right to be high because only such is an argument that guarantees the highest quality in the customer’s mind. A discerning guest will pay for a sense of physical, mental, emotional and aesthetic well-being. When a hotel facility gives such consistent experiences, it will have no trouble getting occupied. In the era of whispered promotion and niche opinion leaders, information about the hotel class will provide stability and hotel development.

Designing and Renovating Wellness Spaces

In wellness hospitality, it is necessary to ensure stylistic expressiveness and the highest quality installing premium products. When choosing ceramic tiles, consider collections with an expressive style, perfect quality and warranty. The choice of materials is a wide range, from the most fashionable stone patterns, through industrial concrete, to ceramic boards and parquet. The richness of formats and unique solutions in tile decoration provides guests with a consistent and positive visual experience. Stylistic consistency and comfort are conducive to achieving a state of balance of mind, body and spirit.

Amenities to Improve Well-being at Your Property

Designing and renovating wellness interiors does not differ much from the refurbishment of an ordinary hotel. You should consider legal requirements, safety, functionality, durability and ease of maintenance. As always, the first impression is crucial. The noble fabrics of the armchairs, expensive natural wood or refined ceramic counterparts, spaciousness or the intended intimacy and design consistency should be particularly noticeable. Advanced cosmetology, aromatherapy, saunas, jacuzzi, deckchairs, hammocks, and access to the garden are standards. Conducting classes by recognized fitness authorities, works of famous painters, graphic artists, sculptors and photographers as decorations of the hotel raise the facility to a higher level.