Hotel Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Your Property

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  There are more and more hotels which are not only better managed but also designed. Nevertheless, there are still many mistakes made at the early stage of interior design. Some lighting design projects put aesthetics over functionality or disregarding the guest’s comfort. Many hotel and guesthouse owners are not aware of the high energy consumption. Proper selection and installation of hotel lighting will allow for energy-saving usage. However, the final effect depends on the investor and implementation of the project by lighting design experts.

Hotel Exterior Lighting

   The best way to get customers’ attention is to install the hotel’s exterior lighting and access road lighting. It will provide an excellent first impression and a sense of security for hotel guests. The lighting of the access road to the hotel should be at least the same intensity as the main road. The colour of the light around the hotel should be different from the city lighting. Electrical engineers can install hotel facades illumination in three different ways. The first is the regular lighting of the building, the second is the mixed method, using the general lighting of the building and additional emphasis on the architectural accents. The third method is accent lighting using primarily architecture and light to create a specific play of light and shadow.

The Lighting in the Entrance Hall and Reception Area

Both the entrance hall and the reception are crucial places for guests and hotel service employees. Therefore, hotels need one effective lighting system for these areas. From the entrance to the hotel, the light should lead the guest to the reception desk clearly and not cause distraction. Most hotels use halogen lighting systems in their entrance areas. This solution gives a lot of light accents. However, because the lighting in this zone is in use 24 hours a day, the energy absorbed by such a system is quite expensive. In new installations, accent light is not widely used, and the strength of lighting coming from sufficient fluorescent lighting. In the case of existing lighting systems with many halogen sources, it is worth considering the possibility of replacing them with professional LED sources.

The Lighting of Communication Routes in the Hotel

The lighting of communication routes in a hotel should ensure adequate to people presence level of intensity. It is good practice to use two levels of light intensity. One minimal, provided around the clock, for example, with wall lamps giving a low level of intensity. For this purpose, you can use small LED sources. The second level is using luminaires integrated with the control system and presence sensors. A way to achieve sufficient lighting is the usage of electronic ballasts with the possibility of regulation. Thanks to the light automation of such a solution, in standby mode, fluorescent lamps can be dimmed, e.g. up to 10%.  After detecting the presence of guests, the intensity of light can increase to its full capabilities.

Light Installation in Hotel Rooms

 Lighting design experts indicate that warm colours of light work best in hotel rooms because they are responsible for a homely atmosphere. Therefore, you should avoid shadows that are too deep to balance out the brightness contrasts. Guests should have at their disposal both ceiling and spotlighting, which highlight individual elements of the arrangement. Lighting should be appropriate for reading, so sconces above the bed are undoubtedly the best solution. It is worth installing a LED desk lamp and well-marked switches so guests can create a combination tailored to their requirements. Do not forget to match the appearance of the lighting to the arrangement of the room. The colours, materials used, and texture is crucial, especially the usage of varnished materials that create reflections. Appropriate usage of the light makes the rooms visually enlarged.

Hotel Bathroom Lighting Installation

Lighting is vital not only in a hotel room but also in a hotel bathroom. In this case, it is preferable to use waterproof lamps. An illuminated mirror will be a fashionable accessory, which will create a modern space effect and complement the practical dimension of this element. A well-lit modern bathroom is an asset to each hotel room. It not only raises the standard of use for hotel guests but also complements the hotel arrangement.