Hotel Renovation: Custom-made Hospitality Furnishings

Renovation of a hotel is a comprehensive project that includes arranging the interior of many different rooms. It is necessary to take care of the decor in every place and to the smallest detail. Guests who spend time in hotel rooms, corridors, lobbies, restaurants and surroundings should feel special, so you should pay a lot of attention to the interiors that you give them at their disposal.

Renovation of the Hotel Lobby and Reception Area

The hallmark of each hotel is the lobby. The first impression of your guests is crucial. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only of friendly service but also of the hotel reception. Ordering suitable armchairs, tables, decent desktops, and durable shelves will be a part of that. To impress visitors at the entrance, choose custom-made furniture. The original design will guarantee that the hotel lobby will be one of a kind. Wooden constructions fulfil various functions. They are not only a design element of equipment but also a practical, multifunctional aid for employees.

Hotel Interior Design

The interior design of a hotel affects not only its price but mostly the impression of guests. Some are motivated enough to spend even a weekend in a carefully arranged hotel interior, although they need to go a long way and incur high costs. An interestingly decorated hotel can therefore be the way to attract guests. You have an opportunity to stand out from other offers, enchant fans of design or arrangements in a specific style.

Renovation of the Hotel Restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant should be well equipped and decorated. Attract your guests not only with delicious food but also with original restaurant interior design. A restaurant space arranged similarly to other hotel rooms will work well. The coherent arrangement will prevent hotel guests from feeling uncomfortable. If other customers have access to your restaurant, a consistent interior will be a perfect showcase of the hotel. Another way is to completely change the decor to give your guests the impression that they are entering a completely different place. This solution aims to emphasize the boundary between a hotel and a restaurant. In both cases, you can choose the same set of furniture.

Contract Furniture for Hotels

Intensive use and frequent cleaning of hotel furniture can result in faster deterioration. Choosing durable, custom-made furniture is a way to minimize costs in the future. However, some hotel operators may think that furniture made of durable materials is not aesthetic and takes up a lot of space. Fortunately, this is just a wrong impression. You can order durable hotel furniture made of solid wood and stainless steel without much hassle. This combination of materials makes the furniture light. Wooden tabletops on steel legs look much lighter. In addition, minimalist, intriguing forms will attract the attention of your guests. In a room with such furniture, they are a great decoration. Decent tables, shelves or bedside tables can complement interiors. Durable furniture that does not mar the room can be base on the arrangement of the hotel.

Renovation of the Hotel in a Particular Style

Decent furniture is not everything. It is a good idea to arrange the hotel in a specific style. The hotel interiors will take on an original character and stand out from other offers. However, to reach a group of guests, it is good to choose universal, timeless furnishing. Hotel loft interiors are currently the most popular. Thanks to the hotel remodeling in this style, your guests will not be overwhelmed by unnecessary decorations. Wall colours, paintings and decor can completely change a room. Using a colour palette with a piece of decent furniture will let you change the arrangement often and at a low cost from an industrial, loft or Scandinavian style.