How to Reduce Hotel Maintenance Costs by Choosing the Best Flooring Options

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   Each element of the interior design creates the atmosphere and original style of the hotel. Therefore, the selection of the right floor for hospitality purposes is so important.  Best flooring for hospitality premises should match the style and colour of the whole arrangement. It should also remain in good condition for a long time despite intensive use. The prestige of the hotel determines the quality of the finishing materials used during the renovation. A perfect flooring is dirt-resistant, cheap to maintain, emphasizes the character of the interior, meets safety requirements, and brings to mind a homely atmosphere. 

Reducing the Cost of Maintaining by Choosing the Right Floor

  Cleaning is one of the highest maintenance costs in the hotel industry. Choosing the best hotel flooring can help you keep them down. Also, excessive dirt and stains cause permanent damage to the floor, shortening its life, which means that the hotel floor will need replacement more often than expected. Therefore, hospitality flooring must be durable, abrasion-resistant, non-slip, waterproof, non-absorbent, washable, smooth, aesthetic, and match the hotel decor. It is worth reaching for top-shelf materials because the floor for business premises might be an investment for many years. Construction experts recommend focusing on the type of flooring intended for rooms with high traffic and in less demanding cases for rooms with medium traffic. When it comes to the abrasion class for commercial premises, consider panels with high resistance. The factors determining the choice of wooden floors should be hardness (medium-hard oak, jatoba, teak), a protective and preservative coating (preferably oil) and the quality of the wood (assessed based on the characteristics of the wood and the number of defects). The best is the rustic class, which hides minor damages and scratches. Many flooring manufacturers offer flooring options with some degree of stain resistance, which will help protect the floor and reduce the risk of replacement.

Hospitality Flooring Installation

There are many types of flooring available on the market. The highest-quality imitations of natural materials such as stone or wood will allow you to achieve an exclusive and elegant character.  Nothing will emphasize the uniqueness of an interior more than a floor that reflects the passage of time while retaining all the advantages of modern materials. Both the panels and the wooden floor selected for the hospitality should correspond to the entire interior design. A subdued and classic flooring is suitable for bolder furnishings, and in the case of a dominant theme, it is worth focusing on more modest arrangement accessories.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Wooden floors add a luxurious character to the hotel interiors. They are very durable but require special care to increase their durability. Wooden flooring requires cleaning with professional products (oiled or varnished) in heavily used facilities, preferably once every three months. The wooden floors also need renovation from time to time. For hotels with high traffic, consider the floor with an oil cover. It is much easier to refurbish by applying another layer of oil and repair on a spot basis.

Vinyl Flooring Installation 

  Construction companies usually recommend vinyl panels for hotel restaurants renovations because they are perfect for the conditions prevailing in commercial premises. These floors are resistant and durable. Additionally, they muffle the sounds of footsteps, are aesthetic and easy to clean. The installation of vinyl panels is easy, and they are suitable for underfloor heating. Another advantage is a large selection of patterns and colours. Vinyl panels can imitate natural materials, such as wood (oak, chestnut), natural stones, and concrete. Consider a flooring solution with the best parameters, intended for spaces with high traffic.

Laminate Flooring Installation

High-class laminate panels are a perfect choice for hospitality premises because they are resistant to damage, abrasion and water. The panels are also non-slip, anti-static and maintenance-free. Once installed, do not discolour when exposed to the sun. You can change the position of furniture without fear. They are suitable for underfloor heating and easy to keep clean.