Modern Design Partition Walls for Hotels and Restaurants

  Partitions  are an element of space used to separate individual zones in a room. The division of layout is one of the ways to create an arrangement order and thus avoid unnecessary chaos because each of the designed zones performs a specific function. Partitions constitute original interior decoration in any style and have a positive impact when it comes to the comfort of using the rooms. It is usually a thin wall in a fixed or movable form, made of lightweight materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Partition walls come in various forms, often consisting of several thin boards or rungs through which the light effectively shines. In hospitality interiors such as restaurants or hotels, architects look for unique design solutions to effectively, discreetly and aesthetically divide inner areas. 

Wooden Hotel and Restaurant Partitions

  Wooden partitions are popular in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. It consists of thin slats arranged vertically and horizontally in various ways. For wooden partitions construction, you can use pine or exotic wood such as teak. There is a wide range of colours available on the market. You can also cover the wood with any colour of paint. Wood is a material that fits perfectly into the character of almost any interior. It is versatile and easily adapts to the environment. It also insulates a room, making it cosier. A wooden partition will look beautiful in its raw form, filled with fabric or decorated with green ivy. If you do not know how to arrange a modern design partition in your hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar interior, you can always contact our designers and contractors. For each project, we use our experience in woodwork, innovative thinking and new technologies.

Glass Partitions in Hospitality

  Glass partitions are durable and resistant to mechanical damage, including breakage. Tempered glass is perfect in glamorous arrangements and more modern styles. It gives elegance, is stylish and optically enlarges small spaces. It is an ideal solution for restaurants, hotels or bars. Thanks to glass, interior designers can divide the room into zones without darkening and overwhelming effect. The glass can be transparent, tinted in any colour or effectively frosted. Partitions made of glass allow creating stunning interior decoration thanks to natural light. The use of glass partitions will help allow more natural light to enter hotel lobbies. You can also use glass in the bedrooms of modern hotels. Replacing solid walls will expand the space and give a sense of luxury. The installation of glass partitions can be helpful in restaurants to create an atmosphere and background for a culinary experience. Allowing natural light to flood a space while dividing the room into separate areas can be effective. With acoustic glass, you can get private dining or quieter spaces without interior walls. Then the space becomes modern and airy. Additionally, you retain the ability to reconfigure the room in the future.

Decorative Metal Partition Screens for Hotels and Restaurants

 Metal elements are ubiquitous in industrial-style interiors. Such arrangement has a raw character, is very atmospheric and refer to post-industrial interiors from a bygone era. Installation of metal partitions screens inspires and create a peculiar aura around them. In industrial-style interiors are also full of metal, brick, concrete and wood. The metal partition can be black with a matte finish or copper, gold and silver with a natural gloss. It can appear in the hotel reception, hotel bathroom or restaurant dining room. Metal partitions are most often in the form of a powder-coated steel grate with a glass filling. Black openwork partitions with classic transparent glass filling dominate the interior design of commercial facilities.

Plastic & Acrylic Room Dividers 

  Plastic & acrylic room dividers is an option for people who like unconventional ideas and refer to modern art. A plastic and acrylic partitions will find their place in an environment arranged in the spirit of the 60s or retro. It will also work great as a breakthrough in monochrome, modern style. Plastic is a material with high plasticity. Such partitions are original, characterized by an extraordinary design, and attract attention. The most popular are PVC panels installations on a wood or metal grate. Another solution is plastic imitating glass, which is very durable.