Managing a Successful Hotel Renovation

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  When planning a hotel renovation, the key factors are the choice of the construction team and their subsequent handling – from signing the renovation contract through enforcing all its points to completing works. In many cases, workers do not fulfil the assigned tasks, extend the renovation indefinitely or generate unnecessary expenses. What should you look for when hiring hotel refurbishment contractors and how to avoid problems that could arise?

The Estimated Cost of Work

  Make an estimated direct cost of the construction work. Then get the information about the average prices of the necessary materials and labour. Construction crew rates vary by region. You may consider hiring from another area, but you would need to cover accommodation or transportation costs. In addition, in the event of construction phase mistakes, bringing the team back from the different regions may be more complicated than enforcing it from local professionals. It may be helpful to carry out a valuation on dedicated websites. When it comes to choosing a general contractor, do not limit yourself to verbal recommendations. If possible, see the effects of construction or renovation work on-site, ask about costs and timeliness.

Hospitality Contractors or Individual Construction Specialists

  Hiring one company simplifies construction management and control of the renovation. You sign one contract for hotel renovation, and you do not have to worry about coordinating the work of bricklayers, plumbers or electricians who do not know each other. The general contractor is responsible for the quality of the work performed, so construction professionals will not blame each other for potential defects. The second solution and hiring individual construction specialists will only work if you have enough time to organize the whole process and carefully control it.

Certified General Contractors

It is worth asking contractors about their previous experience, certificates, and recommendation letters from previous clients. Find information about the company’s construction works in the field of your specific plans. In the case of demanding construction projects, even the recommended specialists may not have sufficient knowledge and skills. Reliable construction professionals will not provide a quote based on a short phone call. They can determine rates for given services, but visit and construction surveying is necessary to prepare an accurate cost estimate. Feel free to contact at least a few construction teams or specialists to receive information about the cost of the planned work. It does not oblige you to use the construction services of a specific company, but thanks to that, you will be able to plan the financial matters. In addition, you will get to know potential contractors better.

Hotel Renovation Contract

Before preparing a hotel renovation contract, consider specific dates, costs and consequences of failure to meet the provisions. A detailed written agreement is a security for both parties in the event of misunderstandings or shortcomings. Make sure you include all the relevant details:

  • listing the work to be done,
  • cost estimate,
  • deadlines for completion of work or a schedule in the case of extended renovations,
  • method and date of payment,
  • a guarantee

Determine who will buy the materials and what quality. Hospitality construction companies should provide all proofs of purchase, invoices and warranty cards for the equipment purchased. When specialists fail to meet deadlines, provisions on contractual penalties for delays and possible damages will help. Unfortunately, many builders avoid any corrections. Therefore, never pay the entire salary until the work is completed and carefully verified.

Workflow Control and Contract Enforcement

A well-structured contract is crucial, but it will not affect construction team services as much as frequent checks and paying attention to necessary corrections. A demanding client can effectively motivate workers to work reliably. On the other hand, a client who agrees to everything and gives a free hand is also likely not to be decisive and consistent enough to demand corrections or compensation for a significant delay in work.