5 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas for 2022

  Finding ideas for the interior design and renovation of a restaurant might be difficult. It is much easier when we carefully plan the appearance of the premises. When running a restaurant in an elegant style aimed at a wealthier clientele, you cannot buy lower-quality furniture and equipment because the client will immediately notice it. When your target group is young people, it is worth choosing original furniture that attracts attention. So what style should you choose to suit your clients? Here are some of the most fashionable and coveted styles 2022.

1. Industrial Style in the Restaurant Interiors

  The industrial style, created out of necessity during the recession in the 1950s on the American continent, gave rise to a mass of post-industrial rooms, which artistic bohemian with a slightly proletarian status used. Arranging huge spaces, they used second-hand furniture and factory remains. Today, the industrial style has gained ennoblement and is associated only with luxurious, spacious lofts. Industrial is primarily elegant and the highest standard based on raw interiors. Against the background of walls with “naked” bricks, the history of spaces with exposed installation pipes and steel rails will be well presented. The leitmotif is minimal everywhere, so choose your decorations sparingly. Let’s remember to restrain ourselves in the matter of forms. Here, the message matters. If you renovate a restaurant in an area that still reminds production lines, let’s restore at least a bit of their old atmosphere.

2. Provencal Style in the Restaurant Interiors 

  The Provencal style is sentimental and decorative, full of floral motifs, toned with pastel colours. Provence is famous for its beautiful views, delicious wine, cheese, lavender, and herbs, widely used in local cuisine. These products will also set the colour framework of the interior. The walls should take the colour of the rising sun. Cupboards, chests and drawers are usually milky white. After all, Provence means France, but not the palatial one. It is much closer to the rustic style because the Provencal people love the warmth of the family home.

3. Scandinavian Style in the Restaurant Interiors 

  The Scandinavian style means mainly white, which optically enlarges the interior and keeps daylight longer. For the same reason, you should give up window decorations in the form of curtains, but remember about accessories and pillows decorating functional cubist sofas. Furniture and decor should be functional and come from natural materials such as wood or fabric. The floors are usually whitewashed boards. Decorations, such as a glass candle holder, add a contrasting colour accent. The restaurant interior in the Scandinavian style contains a lot of ecological solutions. Furniture gets a new life. Shelves on wheels, wooden pallets, or old industrial lamps are appreciated. In addition to white, all shades of natural river stone, grey, bluish blue, and graphite are crucial.

4. Mediterranean Style in the Restaurant Interiors 

  The Mediterranean style means all the colours of the sea and the earth, such as emeralds, blues, terracotta, and beige. The spaces and windows are large. There is a slight artistic disorder here. This style emphasizes naturalness by sandstone, rattan, wicker, and linen, perfect for plain light curtains. Here and there are shells and amphoras. Decorate walls with a classical engraving referring to antiquity. Use fuchsia, and red-petaled flowers bloom in the pots on the terrace. The accents of turquoise can also be a counterpoint. In the Mediterranean-style restaurant interiors, customers will find refreshments. That is why on the floors you can find a stone. Windows are protected against harsh daylight by openwork wooden shutters.

5. Modern Style in the Restaurant Interiors

  The modern or modernist style, sometimes called international or “white architecture”, is defined by at least a few trends and schools of architecture. Its fractions can be Bauhaus, minimal, industrial, and contemporary styles. However, there are certain features common to all these trends. It is crucial to use the most modern materials, remember about functionality, and let the uninterrupted spectacle of lights take place in the interior at any time. For this reason, it is worth thinking about at the initial design stage or before buying or renting a restaurant with large glass surfaces. Purists will probably adhere to the maxim of Adolf Loos, according to which “ornament is a crime”, but supporters of romantic modernism introduce subtle ornaments.