Hotel Renovations: Hospitality Furnishings

  Hotel guests are often very demanding in terms of comfort and interior design. They expect the original hotel interior arrangement, high standards of equipment, and service. Requirements result from the need for comfortable rest, the awareness of the latest trends prevailing on the market, and technical possibilities. Renovated hotels can encourage a large number of guests. The hotel decor distinguishes it from other offers and attracts fans of design or arrangements in a specific style.

Design and Renovation of Hotel Rooms

  When planning the arrangement of a hotel room, you can see the space where guests will stay. However, each guest may have a different sense of aesthetics. What to do to make everyone in the hotel room feel comfortable. Achieving such a compromise is quite a challenge. Hotel owners, architects, and interior designers should consider the target audience visiting the property in the future. Various hotel interiors choose families with young children and different guests during the business trips. The style of the hotel is also important. Should the interior be glamorous or contain a more minimalistic design? Beauty and functionality are key factors. Therefore, all rooms must combine aesthetic and practical values. The hotel room is a rest area, so it must be neat, universal, and equipped with a large bed with a comfortable mattress. This piece of furniture is the centre of the hotel interior. There should be a place for a table with chairs next to it. Chairs with velvet upholstery, which shines slightly and is easy to keep clean, would be ideal. If you like more decorative elements in the room, it is worth putting on chairs and armchairs with a quilted backrest. To avoid glamour, we recommend simple tables with decorative chairs. More and more often, hotel guests appreciate maximum comfort, provided by an armchair with a high backrest, a soft seat, and wide armrests. Guests come to the hotel with their luggage, so it is worth equipping the apartment with a spacious wardrobe with shelves and hangers for clothes. It’s nice to have your bare feet wrapped in the softness of the carpet as your guests get out of bed but consider that among your guests may be allergy sufferers. In this situation, the solution is the rooms where the beauty of the wooden floor is visible. There are also carpets dedicated to people with allergies, and they are popular in hotel interiors. Cosiness is in the details. Satin curtains will allow guests to separate themselves from the surroundings while ensuring peace and creating an atmosphere of comfort. It is good when designers and construction experts create the stylistic extension of the bedroom area. There is a rotation of guests at the hotel, so interiors must be kept in subdued colours. All upholstery fabrics and materials should be easy to clean. Functionality that promotes comfort is what counts.

Arrangement of the Hotel lobby and Reception 

  The reception desk and hotel lobby are places that make the first impression. It is a place that should invite your customers to stay in the facility. Here, guests complete the relevant paperwork while they wait to check-in. Therefore, a comfortable couch should appear in the hotel lobby and reception area. It can be leather, which is a sign of luxury. Upholstered fabrics of high-quality parameters will also work. The armchairs look good together with the reception sofa. If you decide to buy a leather sofa choose leather armchairs too. It is worth ordering custom-made furniture from experienced hospitality projects carpenters, which will be an investment for many years. If the retro style reigns in the hotel, follow this example and choose all hotel furniture following the current trend. It is also worth placing a stand with leaflets or other advertising materials next to the rest area. 

Renovation and Arrangement of the Restaurant Dining Room

  In the hotel spaces, a renovation and arrangement of a restaurant serving delicious meals are also crucial. Kitchen equipment is a separate topic, so let’s focus on arranging the dining room for guests. It must stylistically match the rest of the rooms in the hotel. The restaurant must have tables, square or round, and chairs that can be easily moved away or brought to the table. More and more often, interior designers choose elegant armchairs that ensure comfort. It is worth using custom-made mobile furniture. It gives the possibility to move them to another place when required. Use upholstery fabrics with a coating that facilitates cleaning. It is stain-resistant and water-repellent. Intensive use and frequent cleaning of hotel furniture can cause them to wear out faster. Equipping the hotel with solid, durable furniture is a way to minimize costs. Some hotel managers believe that the furniture made of durable materials is not aesthetic and takes up a lot of space, which can cause obstacles in the case of small hotel spaces. Fortunately, this is just a wrong impression. You can order solid wood furniture and stainless steel furniture without much hassle. This combination of materials makes the furniture light. Wooden tabletops on steel legs look much lighter. In addition, their minimalist, intriguing forms will attract guests’ attention. In a room with such furniture, you do not need much, because they are a great decoration on their own. Decent tables such as industrial ones, shelves, or bedside tables can be the best hotel decoration.