The Actual Costs of Poor Quality Construction

  Many contractors complete a hotel renovation project and hand it over to the owner. Then, the construction team fix the design defects and explain that the project is ready, but it is not. There is no excuse for poor quality work, and there are many reasons why construction workers should do good quality work. The renovation project for the hospitality industry should be consistent with the specification, scope of work and expectations. The general contractor and his employees should be proud of the completed work and treat it as an advertisement for the company.

Low-Quality Work Generates Costs

  According to various scientific sources, 5 to 15% of project costs results from poor quality work, so repairing means immense sums of money spent on completing. It is not only a matter of fixing a faulty job but also the result of a project delay. Dissatisfied customers often fight for their right to deduct money for work that does not meet specifications or questionable quality. Fixing faulty work is a time-consuming task, and it also takes away resources from other parts of the project. The hotel refurbishment project is implemented only when the construction contractor removes all defects. 

Dissatisfied Customers and Subcontractors

  Low-quality work always casts a shadow on the relationship with the client. There is a saying that a general contractor is only as good as his last project. Information about dissatisfied customers spreads quickly and has ruined more than one reputation. Mostly, in the age of social media that expand photos and opinions of disappointed hotel guests. Poor quality work might be frustrating for the contractor because he will not receive payment until the client is satisfied. He will not be able to pay his subcontractors, suppliers and employees. In the worst case, such an attitude of a construction company can lead to bankruptcy.

Accidents and Deaths Caused by the Poor Quality Work

  Poor quality work in the construction sector is associated with the risk of accidents on building sites. In many cases, completed buildings and structures have collapsed because of low-quality construction. The most common mistakes are omitting reinforcing steel, using insufficient concrete strength, or placing the foundations incorrectly. Often, structural defects detection during hotel renovation may be associated with demolition. Also, defects repair might be impossible, as there is no access. Repair work is often rushed and can lead to accidents and death.

Environmental Impact

  Poor quality of work is often related to the demolition and replacement of defective components, which leads to the production of waste and rubbish such as debris. Materials and energy have been used to produce such a product, and more energy will be spent on disposal. These factors harm the environment. Premium construction works can help to avoid that.

Employee Dissatisfaction

  Correcting faulty work can be frustrating for the team as most construction workers want to build and see the work progressing. Additionally, confronting a dissatisfied customer looking for additional defects can be challenging. There may also be difficulties in recruiting construction teams or finding subcontractors. Professionals want to work for companies with a good reputation, and companies that represent poor quality do not have the best management and qualified employees. Most will want to work for a company where they will cooperate with construction experts.

Poor Quality Work Spreads Bad Habits

  Poor quality work accepted by management becomes a new standard, and employees will repeat it on the occasion of other hotel renovation projects. Inexperienced and new employees will assume that poor quality work is the norm and common practice in the company. Therefore, they will repeat this pattern when implementing subsequent work.