Ways to Avoid Poor Guests Experience When Renovating a Hotel

  Regular hotel renovations are necessary for success in the hospitality industry. There are many reasons for hotel refurbishment, from rebranding and adding capabilities to periodic redecoration and essential maintenance. Some hotels may need remodeling that requires full or partial closure of the facilities. Many businesses can not afford to close down during the process, and the properties that can take bookings while undergoing a renovation continue generating revenue while enhancing their quality. Refurbishment during guests’ stay can be challenging, and instead of attracting new customers, construction works can drive existing guests away. To maintain a high standard of guest experience while following health and safety rules, the hotel owners need to ensure that the project is handled professionally.

Choosing an Experienced General Contractor

  Hiring a contractor specializing in hotel renovations is the best way to ensure smooth operation. Refurbishment companies will understand the challenges of hotel remodeling and can use practical strategies for minimizing the disturbance of guests’ stay. Renovation experts will balance maintaining a productive schedule to deliver projects on time while ensuring that their work does not negatively impact the hotel guests. Choosing a company experienced in hotel engineering will provide professional support during the entire project and ongoing troubleshooting of the functionality of building systems.

Pre-Planning is Crucial for Successful Hotel Refurbishment

  Renovating a functioning hotel has an impact on daily operations. Planning ensures that disturbances are minimal and guests can fully enjoy their stay. Collaboration between the owner, interior designer, and the general contractor is vital to create strategies and address potential challenges before work begins. A customized approach is necessary to fully understand the implications of each stage of the refurbishment process on the overall property.

Create Buffer Zones and Establish Quiet Hours

  Dividing the areas under refurbishment into small sections will help avoid guests’ disturbance and provide quality service. The hotel manager should isolate the works from occupied floors by creating buffer zones. That method will keep guests away from the noise and mess of renovation. Consider adding barricades to ensure the safety of guests around the construction site. Schedule the noisiest parts of the refurbishment at check-in and check-out times. Establish quiet times, especially during the night. With this solution, the renovation team can work on the specific floors and areas of the hotel at different times to keep guests booking rooms throughout the process. 

Inform Guests About the Hotel Renovations Before Booking

  Guests who are not aware of undergoing hotel renovation are more likely to express their dissatisfaction resulting in negative reviews, so providing relevant information before booking will prevent surprises and complaints. The reception staff should notify guests regarding any noise, inconveniences, and dates of planned refurbishment. Update your customers about the progress and temporary disturbance by posting details on the website and social media. Keep your staff updated on the renovation plans, especially the housekeeping and reception departments. Staff members are the vital contact point for guests wanting more information.

Communication and Remarkable Customer Service

  Hotel refurbishment can be noisy and disturbing at times, so maintaining exceptional customer service and open communication will improve the guest experience during that challenging time. Staff members should be prepared to answer any questions and offer any help or solutions. Even if they can not fix a problem immediately, listening to guests’ concerns and apologizing for any inconvenience will reduce their stress and irritation. To improve guest satisfaction and compensate for the inconveniences, the hotel manager should consider some discounts or extra loyalty points. After completing the refurbishment, publishing the results on social media and the hotel website will promote the premises and encourage existing and new customers to make bookings.

  Refurbishing the hotel does not have to mean reducing the bookings. With an experienced general contractor, buffer zone plan, good strategy, staff reinforcement, and outstanding customer service, you can schedule the most hassle-free hotel renovation while maintaining a high-quality guest experience.