Hotel Renovation Tips to Boost Your Business

  Design and decoration trends in hospitality are changing dynamically and require prompt decisions about renovations from owners of facilities. In international hotel chains, experts recommend a general renovation at least every five to seven years. All procedures come from architects and construction contractors who cooperate with the operational directors to create precise guidelines. In independent hotels, owners often decide to renew the reception desk, restaurant or open SPA rooms. Hotel renovations can take months or even years. It all depends on the nature of the building and the methods of financing renovation.

Hospitality Experts

  The first step before any major renovation should be to plan the cost of hotel modernisation. When considering various types of subsidies, you should carefully analyse whether you are entitled to them and which programs are suitable for your purposes. 

  Consult an advisor who has previously implemented projects related to the renovation of hotel and service facilities. As a result, you will not have to incur unforeseen additional costs, and it will save time for renovation. After choosing an advisor, the next step is to cooperate with an architectural office, which will present design projects attractive to guests. 

  It is worth using the help of a hotel advisor when choosing an architectural office. It is always worth looking at the hotel’s renovation, arrangement and decoration projects from the guest’s perspective. If you have doubts about the choice of a specific project, ask hotel specialists who will assess the decor, ergonomics, functionality of the building, or colour selection.

Hospitality Construction Services

  Renovation requires the involvement of many construction subcontractors. Therefore, the supervision of the construction manager is necessary. The construction manager reports to the hotel director and the investor about the planned and completed works. A better solution is to hire a general contractor who coordinates all these works and be responsible for the final effect. 

  The plan and its adaptation to the current operation of the hotel are also crucial. Usually, interior renovations are carried out while the facility is operating. Most often, hotels renovate individual floors. Renovations in historic buildings are much more difficult due to technological changes. It is not always possible to install modern solutions. 

  Many advisory and consulting companies can estimate renovation costs with great accuracy. Lenders are more likely to credit repairs when they have loans analysed by professionals. It is not easy to renovate an entire facility in a short time. All operational activities must be carefully planned and coordinated, so it is the least invasive for the guests staying in the facility.

Implementation of a Hotel Project

  Renovation of the reception desk, restaurant, bar or kitchen facilities divide into stages. It helps to prevent disturbing the hotel’s operations. During the renovation period, operating departments such as administration, sales, marketing, reception departments, restaurants and banquets move to other areas. It is easier to manage when banquet kitchens can take over serving breakfast. 

  Hospitality experts should plan the functionality of the building in such a way as to enable its future renovation. Each well-thought-out and analysed action will be more effective and allow you to manage the facility easily. A hotel renovation is an investment that benefits from improved building materials designed with aesthetic properties in mind. They help reduce the amount of energy and water wasted by outdated installations. Modern systems allow for the automation of energy consumption.