Impress Your Guest With Remarkable Hotel Lobby Design

  The lobby is one of the vital spaces in the hotel. It is a place where guests create their first and last impression of the property. The hotel lobby design reflects the image of the entire hotel. Whether guests are checking in, checking out, or just waiting for a meeting, they spend a lot of time in the hotel foyer. When planning the hotel renovation, consider a unique lobby design project as a crucial element of improving the guest experience. Here are the popular styles necessary to make the most of the available space and impress your guests with the unusual design.

Hotel Lobby Design Styles

Luxury hotel lobby design style is modern and elegant. That type of design is perfect for creating an upscale and comfortable atmosphere. The decor palette includes shades of brown, cream, grey, beige and black. High-quality
materials, bespoke furniture, and premium fabrics will impress the guests and elevate your hotel branding.

Contemporary hotel lobby design is minimalist with clean and sharp lines and modern hotel furniture. In terms of the palette, the earth tones with a subtle splash of accent colour highlights are the crucial element of this design style. Contemporary layouts are impressive and fascinating focal points of the hotel. They range from a single
bold colour to angular cutouts or unique lighting.

Classic hotel lobby design inspiration comes from design, such as ancient Greek and Roman or Art déco and Victorian styles. Classic elements are combined with a modern one, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. High-quality and even opulent materials are essential in this style. Brown, grey, beige, black and white palettes will achieve a classic look for your hotel lobby.

Mid-century hotel lobby design style dates back to the 1930s through to the 1960s. This design focuses on shapes,
colours, and fabrics to create a sophisticated and comfortable ambience. It combines custom-made furniture with a bright palette, earth tones and natural materials such as glass, metal or wood.

Improving the Hotel Lobby

  Now when you are familiar with the popular styles let’s explore the best solutions to improve hotel lobby design and enhance the guest experience.

Create a Unique Hotel Lobby Space

  The hotel lobby is not only a gateway for guests entering the premises but should also be an inviting place that makes them want to explore it. Consider installation of original lighting or placing of fascinating artwork and bespoke furniture.

Indoor Plants

  Plants are an essential part of biophilic interior design, and there are many benefits to placing them in the hotel
lobby. They are aesthetically appealing and are crucial in filtering pollutants out of the air, reducing noise levels,
and alleviating stress.

Integrated Lobby Layout

  Integration is vital in creating an inviting lobby. Instead of designing a traditional hotel lobby with just a front
desk, consider blending in other functional zones like space to lounge, eat and work. An experienced interior
designer will help you arrange lobby space to create a functional and inviting place.

Hotel Reception

  The reception is the main element of the lobby and possibly most crucial in defining the first impression of the hotel. The main component is the reception desk and the wall behind it. Both should be well designed, functional and consistent with the brand. Find a renovation company with experience in building reception desks and
bespoke joinery.

  Whether you are planning hotel refurbishment or want to improve the lobby to impress your guests, hire a
general contractor with proven experience in hotel remodelling to ensure the smoothness of the project and
achieve satisfactory final results.