Proven Tips for a Successful Restaurant Renovation

  A wide selection of restaurants on the market means that guests often choose those that will provide them with extraordinary experiences and a unique atmosphere. Two elements determine the success of a restaurant, delicious food and an original interior design. If you serve delectable food to your customers but still can not achieve the expected turnover, it is time to consider restaurant renovation. According to various market reports, restaurant remodeling can be the best way to boost the business compared to advertising. Here are some tips for a successful refurbishment project.

Restaurant Renovation Costs

  Renovation and restaurant arrangement are a considerable expense. Restaurant redesign, modifying premises to applicable regulations and standards and equipping the kitchen with all necessary appliances and devices generate remarkable costs. When it comes to an existing restaurant, it is difficult to precisely determine the final amount of expenditure on the renovation as it is a derivative of many factors. It depends on the size of the premises, the current technical condition, the scope of planned changes and the restaurant standard. Setting a budget is just the first stage. The second is decision-making.

Renovation Plan

  The lack of a precise renovation plan will prevent its efficient implementation and might be extremely difficult or expensive. When renovating existing premises, you need to be aware that each additional day of work of the renovation team is related to its remuneration and the costs of lost profits. Therefore, all stages of the renovation should be well planned, and crucial decisions taken before the work begins.

  What constitutes an advantage of the owners of existing premises undergoing renovation over those restaurateurs who have just opened their dream restaurant is the experience and knowledge of customer preferences. Information about the exact profile of the guests visiting the restaurant is vital. It is much easier to design the interior that will meet the requirements and needs of the target group. There is also a greater probability of avoiding many wrong decisions or non-functional organisation of the kitchen space, which may unnecessarily complicate the work in the kitchen.

Construction Experts

  Restaurant remodeling,  regardless of the size, is a complex undertaking, so it is worth using professional help. Designing an efficient kitchen is quite a challenge. Without consulting an experienced chef, you can make many unnecessary mistakes and even paralyze the kitchen when fully booking the premises. It is not always possible to make changes after the renovation. It is also costly. 

  While it is best to talk about the kitchen with an experienced cook, it is worth consulting the interior design of the other rooms with a competent architect. Preferably someone who specializes in hospitality establishments design and public utility facilities. He will be perfectly aware of the current trends and specificity of the restaurant business.

Restaurant Comprehensive Design

  The comprehensive design of the restaurant, prepared by a specialist, includes not only the interior arrangement plan and table arrangement but also many other elements, such as the design of the lighting corresponding to the interior of the sound system, preceded by acoustic analysis of the room. Without the proper knowledge, it is impossible to implement such projects on your own.

Renovation Company

  The supporting team should cooperate with a recommended renovation company that will allow you to quickly and efficiently implement all the architect’s ideas. Finding it is not always easy, so you should consider it in advance. Such preparation for the restaurant renovation guarantees the successful completion of the entire project. 

Restaurant Interior Design

  Many factors influence the design of a restaurant. Design lovers will be interested in the selected furniture and natural materials that make the decor of the hospitality establishments unique. When designing an interior, do not forget the leitmotif and the specific style that will characterize it. Details and the use of items are crucial. They should fulfil two functions: functional and aesthetic. Depending on the available space, make sure that decorative elements emphasize the restaurant’s character and provide an excellent effect.