What is the Most Popular Wood for Restaurant Furniture

  When choosing wooden furniture for a restaurant you should be aware that each type of wood has completely different characteristics and properties that allow it to behave differently depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. It significantly affects its immunity. In addition to the durability issues, the type of wood used also affects the visual sphere of the furniture. The colour and the texture of the restaurant furnishings will depend on the type of wood used. Remember that when choosing a specific species, it is always worth considering its weaknesses and strengths to adapt it to the guest’s expectations. In the hands of joiners, the wood can turn into beautiful and timeless furniture that will serve customers and delight their eyes for many years.


  Oak is one of the most demanding types of wood. Durable and resistant to abrasion, moisture and fire., it can survive for centuries in an undamaged condition. It is widely present in industry and construction. It is to produce furniture, stairs, floors, small garden architecture, and interior design elements. The oak is a perfect material for bathroom countertops, timeless furniture fronts, doors, stairs and floors. The advantage of oak is a nice warm colour, matching the current interior design trends, hardness, durability, and resistance to pests penetrating the wood. As for the disadvantages, oak is a hard material to process mainly due to its hardness. It is also susceptible to darkening, especially when in contact with water. Therefore, it is essential to protect the surface and care for it.


  Another popular type of wood is beech, which is easy to process. It has high hardness but is prone to shrinkage and moisture. This type of wood is easy to sand, polish and colour. It is used primarily for bent furniture, such as chairs and armchairs, stairs, thresholds, toys and kitchen utensils. Beech is a type of wood that is also suitable for parquet production. Old beech furniture from the 1960s and 1970s is often renovated and also found in modern interiors. Their timeless design is still in vogue and arouses the curiosity of customers. Construction experts advise not using beech wood for kitchen worktops as this material can change its shape drastically.


  Ash, like oak, is a challenging species of wood. It has brindle and very decorative graining. Thanks to this, it is very often used in furniture and carpentry. The most common furniture, windows and doors are made of ash. This wood has beautiful colour, structure and hardness. With the right colour, they imitate it well. Ash is perfect for floors and stairs due to its qualities. A little less often for furniture fronts.


  Pine is the most common material used in both construction and furniture. Coniferous species, quite soft. It has a nice yellow-white colour and is easy to process. However requires impregnation due to its susceptibility to disease, rot, mould and insect growth. Pine is suitable for furniture production and interior design elements and is characteristic for lovers of the Scandinavian style raw wood. It is a relatively inexpensive material compared to other types of wood. Pine furniture is practically everywhere where the requirements for the strength of materials are not too high, ranging from beds and ending to furniture fronts. Pinewood has graining, and easy processing makes it an ideal raw material for those who start working with wood.


  Larch is one of the most beautiful types of wood. The delicate pink-red colour fits perfectly, for example, on terraces or facades. Furniture made of larch is almost as good as that made of oak. Wood-eating insects are not very fond of him. Larch has high moisture resistance. Its yellow-red colour looks nice on garden furniture, gazebos and terraces, contrasting with the greenery of trees, shrubs and plants. The most popular are larch furniture, panelling, window and door joinery, beams and platforms.


  The walnut has beautiful graining and warm colour. It is a very durable wood and expensive. Therefore, it is often used as a veneer rather than solid wood. Beautiful walnut veneers will surely decorate any restaurant space. Walnut veneered fronts will give the interior a unique character because it is impossible to meet two identical. Virtually every log has its unique pattern.