The Benefits of Quality Solid Wood Beds for Hotels

  The hotel bedroom is one of the essential elements of hotel interiors, and an uncomfortable bed can ruin any trip or holiday. So what does the perfect hotel bed look like? First and foremost, large and comfortable. Sturdy, made-to-measure wooden furniture works best, and wooden beds are the most common choice because of the quality of their construction, the natural materials used in their manufacture and their timeless aesthetic that resists ever-changing fashion and the passage of time.

Solid Wood Hotel Beds

  How big should a hotel bed be? The bigger, the better. Hoteliers often choose standard sizes. Many hotel rooms have king-size beds. However, it is worth remembering that Buildeo produces customised furniture, so nothing stops you from ordering a hotel bed tailored to your preferences and needs. Wooden furniture for hotel bedrooms has been enduringly popular for years. 

  This trend is certainly not going to change any time soon. Although there are beds made of metal or plastic and wood-like materials available on the furniture market, the best choice would be a bed made of wood. Wooden beds are furnishings made of high-quality natural wood with great attention to detail. They are valued for their sturdiness and durability, as they are the most used furniture in the entire hotel. 

Why are Wooden Bed Frames the Best Choice?

  Wooden bed frames typically last 7-10 years if properly maintained. The best woods for a bed frame are maple, cherry, mahogany, oak and walnut. Softwoods such as cedar and fir are easier to shape but may not be as strong. Wooden bed frames are ideal for the hotel guests’ comfort, sleep, and safety. They are resistant to damage and scratches. Even after years of use, they stand up well to any redecorating. There are many furniture models to suit your needs and expectations. 

  To ensure proper stabilisation of the spine while reading a book to isolate ourselves from the cold wall and to prevent it from getting dirty, you can reach for a wood bed with a wooden or upholstered headboard. In addition, if your hotel bedroom is small, it is worth choosing wooden beds with drawers for added functionality. Although such wooden furniture will be slightly taller and heavier, it will provide us with extra storage space for bedding and insulate the mattress from the cold floor. 

Wooden Furniture for the Hotel Bedroom

  No matter of wood, wooden beds have one thing in common: they take care of comfortable sleep, which, especially in times of omnipresent rush and stress, is extremely important. As an ecological material, they allow a healthy, safe atmosphere to be introduced into the hotel bedroom and fill it with the scent of forest and resin. 

  Each wood bed contains natural waxes and oils, which further protect its surface from damage and scratches while enhancing its natural beauty. It is also vital that wooden beds do not emit toxic substances. It is crucial for allergy sufferers. Wood is non-sensitising and does not cause allergies, and in addition, thanks to its anti-static properties, it does not attract dust. Wooden bedroom furniture can be recycled or refurbished and restored to its former beauty or completely transformed in appearance.

Advantages of Wooden Beds for Hotels

   Wood is a material that is not only durable and natural but also timelessly beautiful. Therefore, wooden beds are so versatile that they will work well in a hotel bedroom decorated in any interior style. Rustic beds with a massive body and a slightly austere look will fit perfectly into traditional, retro, classic, colonial or boho interiors and industrial or loft interiors. On the other hand, modern beds with a softer form and elegant design are the perfect choice to furnish classic, glamour, English, minimalist and industrial interiors. 

  Wooden beds in light shades or covered with white paint and with deliberate rubbing will find their place in Scandinavian, Provencal, Shabby Chic and romantic interiors. Arrangements of interiors intended for sleep and rest require much more attention. Other indispensable wooden furniture for a hotel bedroom are wooden chests of drawers, wooden wardrobes or bedside tables. However, the wooden bed is most popular due to its durability, solid work and resistance to mechanical damage or scratches.