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  Making the right impression is vital in the hospitality industry. The most successful restaurants not only serve delicious food but also delight the guests with the interior. The role of the restaurateur is to create unforgettable experiences for diners and ensure that they will be happy to return. On the other hand, if the…

   Wood is the most natural and traditional floor covering. The wooden floor has a unique charm, incomparable to any artificially produced materials. The market for construction supplies is full of products that imitate wood. Unfortunately, flooring from plastics falls apart, wears out or becomes ugly after a few years of use. Surrounding with natural…

Every entrepreneur planning to open a restaurant starts with finding suitable premises which should guarantee attendance and thus success. A great first impression matter in all sectors but are crucial in the restaurant industry, where customers pay for tasty food and an exquisite atmosphere. Therefore, the appearance of individual restaurant rooms is of great importance….

  Finding ideas for the interior design and renovation of a restaurant might be difficult. It is much easier when we carefully plan the appearance of the premises. When running a restaurant in an elegant style aimed at a wealthier clientele, you cannot buy lower-quality furniture and equipment because the client will immediately notice it….

The interior reflects the character and quality of the restaurant. Properly designed space, well-chosen music, and restaurant lighting should complement the experience related to the served dishes. The key factors that distinguish a restaurant renovation project from the competition are understanding the ethos, brand philosophy, and extensive knowledge about the target group. Other elements like a creative way of using restaurant furniture, equipment, interior finishes,…

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