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Every entrepreneur planning to open a restaurant starts with finding suitable premises which should guarantee attendance and thus success. A great first impression matter in all sectors but are crucial in the restaurant industry, where customers pay for tasty food and an exquisite atmosphere. Therefore, the appearance of individual restaurant rooms is of great importance….

  Equipping the restaurant with the necessary utensils, maintaining the proper technical condition of the building, supplying electricity, gas, water and sewage, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are just a few of the many obligations required from the owner before opening the premises. All of them must guarantee safety and comfort for both consumers and…

  Finding ideas for the interior design and renovation of a restaurant might be difficult. It is much easier when we carefully plan the appearance of the premises. When running a restaurant in an elegant style aimed at a wealthier clientele, you cannot buy lower-quality furniture and equipment because the client will immediately notice it….

  As a result of increasing consumerism, quality often loses to the competitive price. In many hospitality spaces, you can find nice but not necessarily long-lasting furniture. It is visible in the interior design of many restaurants. Furniture stores are full of fashionable dining tables, bookcases, cabinets or MDF shelves, which after a year of…

Restaurant interior arrangements often base their uniqueness on satisfying various senses, creating motives, building a specific atmosphere or conveying ideas. Inspirations usually come from nature, art, science and philosophy. When arranging a restaurant, it is good to consider the design of an open kitchen because such a venue is fashionable and emphasizes that cooking is…

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