Top 5 Restaurant Design Trends of 2020

Top 5 Restaurant Design Trends of 2020

The fashion fad is enticing people of all ages. Therefore many new restaurants build their image around a currently popular main topic or concept that focuses on the design and organization of dining space. Design trends popular in 2020 fall into two main categories: conceptual trends around which restaurants design entire establishment, and décor elements such as the small changes that restaurants introduce to make their space more modern. Here’s a list of top 5 restaurant design trends to watch.

1. Eye-catchy lightings.

The unique lighting is one of the most important decorations that distinguish the restaurant from the competition. In 2020, the most popular lighting styles are classic, modern, vintage, shabby and ethnic. Dynamic lighting control systems are especially appreciated by restaurateurs because they give them greater control over the intensity of light. Automated lighting systems not only do the job of illuminating a space on their own but when paired with some LED bulbs, they can also automatically change colour, intensity, blue light content and more.

2. Wood elements.

Following the principles of sustainable development, non-biodegradable materials used to make tables, chairs and other interior design elements are replaced with wooden and fibrous elements. Multifunctional compact furniture, wooden accent walls, chairs, vases and even wooden textured lamp bases are still very popular. The use of various wooden elements makes the interior cosier.

3. Mix-and-Match Furniture.

​Resimercial design has become particularly popular in the last years. Resimercial projects celebrate commercial quality and apartment-inspired features rather than the sterile and standard character of corporate furniture. Additionally, the contrasting furniture provides a “welcome home” atmosphere that customers will love. The use of contrasting furniture creates a homely feel and also sends a visual cue that your establishment is not a chain but rather a carefully crafted restaurant. Take these trends into account by choosing chairs of the same colour scheme but different styles. The cushions are also a great accent for connecting and matching and can be used to sit in the booth.

4. Plants and green areas.

​Customers more often ask where their vegetables come from. Therefore the concept of home cultivation has gained a new meaning in the catering industry. Display vegetables on a living wall, next to a window, or outside to show customers that the vegetables on the menu come from your restaurant. This will help brighten up space and enhance the sense of health in customers. Additionally, plants look great in photos and are popular with Instagrammers.

5. Front-And-Center Kitchens.

​An open-concept kitchen refers to a lack of barriers in the kitchen and surrounding areas. Presence of the kitchen at the forefront sets the “quality bar” very high. Additionally, the theatrics of all stages of food preparation are still being put on display. It also allows the guest to watch how their food arrives at the table. The open-kitchen concept and related push for food transparency have been a strong trend for a while now.