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Service Overview

We boast a track record of providing customers with innovative shop fitting solutions and completing projects to tight deadlines. Our secret lies in the fact that we work with you as a partner, trying to understand your business goals and what it is that you want to achieve. We then work closely with you, using our retail expertise, to apply all this to every element of your project.

We understand that shop fitting is one of the most important investments when setting up a business and we understand that you wish to ‘wow’ your customers with design and functionality. This is why we don’t leave anything to chance. From the beginning to the very end, we make sure everything goes according to plan, with no surprises, no missing elements, no constant calling to check on details with reliable shop fitting companies. You can sit and relax while we turn your shop into a customer magnet.

Why you can trust us

What other advantages await you when hiring experienced shopfitting contractors in London? We approach our work seriously, using the full extent of our staff’s experience at every stage. Some of us are better at creating a work plan, others in talking to you, our partner, while still others fair better in managing individual elements of the project. Together, we create a team of shopfitting contractors that will not only bring your project to completion, but most of all, we can implement it in such a way that it will be a new important place on the UK map.

No delays or missing materials – we quickly patch up any problems, making sure that no noticeable failures remain. We work in a stable manner and carry out tasks as if we were creating a given space for ourselves. We will take care to adapt to the environment not only in terms of design, but also the time of our activities and the noise or pollution created. We do not want to sow chaos – we want to create a new reality. Shopfitting is our mission, and we always give it our all.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long will the fit-out take?

    It depends on your requirements and how urgent the job is. We will discuss the timeframes with you and will deliver by the agreed deadline. We are able to work at weekends or after business hours to prevent any disruptions.

  • Do you offer design?

    Yes, our team of designers can draw a space plan for you and offer advice to match your budget.

  • Do you provide guarantee for works?

    We provide 1 year guarantee for all the works and installation carried out by ourselves.





Order path

Over the years in the industry, we have crafted a proven routine and consistent design process for our commercial work. The main objective is to make sure that we understand your needs from A to Z and that you get what you want.






You have some questions?

Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Shopfitting projects


“You can consider us your most loyal clients”

Mark Well ( London )
We would like to thank Buildeo for hard work they have put into the successful completion of Starbucks. What we admire the most is the way you managed to keep the schedule and deliver such a complex project on time. You can consider us your most loyal clients.

“They put a lot of hard work and effort in making our project a success”

Paul Smyth ( Brighton )
Our project had many unforeseen problems and there were a few contractors who refused to take it on. Buildeo surprised us with their can-do attitude. They were honest about possible complications, timeline and quote. They put a lot of hard work and effort in making our project a success. Thank you ever so much and we hope to be working with you soon.

“Working with you on our extension was a great pleasure”

Daniel Zareba ( London )
We write to express our gratitude for the job well done. Working with you on our extension was a great pleasure. We appreciate we could work as a team, with us explaining what we wanted, and you coming up with the final design. And the final result is not merely what we wanted, is far better than that!

“We are sure our cooperation will continue for years to come.”

Michael Keoghe ( London )
We have employed Buildeo to undertake design and build of a few commercial units over the past 4 years. We have been in the industry for quite a whole and we know when a company is genuine and strives to do their best, and Buildeo is just that. Ever since we started working together they have kept their high standards. We are sure our cooperation will continue for years to come.

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