B&B Renovations: How to Stay Relevant


If you are the owner of a B&B you are aware of the importance of refurbishment in the hospitality industry. Repairs can range from small through large-scale remodelling to complete modification of the property. Whether it’s a new floor, bespoke joinery or adding a conservatory, any change can open the door to a new group of customers. Here are a few ideas to repair and renovate your B&B without spending too much money or wasting your time.

Project Planning

A B&B renovation project may seem overwhelming at first, but the results will be well worth the effort. The renovation will allow you to better promote your accommodation, increase website traffic, which will translate directly into the number of reservations. When planning a B&B renovation, take into account several factors such as:
1. Scope of the project.

2. Project duration.
3. Project cost.
4. The need for hiring a builder, architect, decorator or construction appraiser. 5. Renovation permit.
6. Profitability of investments in the future.

Once you have decided what kind of remodelling you want to carry out and what professionals you would like to hire to renovate your B&B, you can start drawing up your plan. Websites like RatedPeople.com and My Builder.com will provide information and individual reviews about the work of plumbers, electricians and builders.

Common Repairs and Improvements

Typical repairs and improvements made during the major renovation: 1. New furniture and fittings in guest rooms and common areas.
2. General renovation, change of wallpaper and carpets
3. Installing new bathrooms and plumbing equipment.

4. New amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable TV and a gym.
5. Building new rooms from unused or newly created space.

Expanding or Rebuilding

If you would like to expand your property, you will need to hire an interior designer, architect or general contractor to see if your plans can be put into practice. You may find it helpful to look at your B&B through the eyes of guests and predict what they will like. When it comes to renovating a medium to large space, there are a few things to consider, for example, how many rooms could be made of the area. Is it worth creating large luxury apartments for couples and families? Perhaps you should focus on serving your business guests and create a comfortable place to work for them? Other considerations relate to the designation of space for bathrooms, as well as obtaining a building permit.

To stay on a tight budget, rather than trying to renovate your entire property at once, decide on one key area to focus on when upgrading. For example, you can redesign one room in a guest house and give it a new theme. Consider changing your kitchen and dining room while introducing a new type of menu to your B&B. Starting a minor renovation project will give guests a fresh perspective and will not be overwhelming for you.


Hiring a reliable contractor is crucial to the success of your guest house remodelling project. A project manager who has many years of experience in creating projects for the hospitality industry will know what needs to be done for your specific project and will determine the exact work schedule. The next step will be hiring local, experienced contractors who are recommended by other business owners. Regular communication with the project manager and a contractor is essential as this allows them to fully understand the scope of the project and the expected results.