Hotel Bathroom Remodeling

The elegance, style and originality of many hotel and resort bathrooms is not just a coincidence, but the conscious actions of many experts such as architects, interior designers or general contractors experienced in building a perfect space. Renovated bathrooms in hotel rooms or apartments very often become an inspiration for hotel guests who want to refresh their own bathroom at home. In this article, we present some simple and effective hotel bathroom remodeling ideas to inspire your next bathroom renovation project.

Project and Functionality

When designing the interior of a hotel bathroom, we must focus on the user and the functionality of the space. What character will the hotel have? Who will be its main guests? How does the investor define the hotel customer profile? These are the most important tips that guide the architect. The exclusive space for businessmen is designed differently than for families with children in an economic standard. This does not only apply to the degree of exclusivity and interior design but also their usefulness.

Wet Rooms, Walk- in Showers and Wall Partitions

​Modernization of hotel bathrooms can provide up to 102.2 % return of investment which is the highest result among all types of renovations in the hotel industry. Hotel bathrooms range in scale from enormous to miniature, depending on the property. When bathrooms are bigger, you should divide the space to keep the area from feeling too empty. Hotels and resorts very often use glass, marble or stone partitions to separate the shower, tub and toilet areas. One of the most popular trends last time is creating wet rooms separated from the rest of the area and encased in clear glass. A wet room keeping out water from the rest of the bathroom space is an effective way to divide larger space and provide functionality and aesthetic at the same time. Think about creating walk-in showers made with glass side panels which will give the illusion of more space. That kind of solution is safer, adapted to a wider range of clients, and does not exclude disabled people. Additionally, the use of rain shower heads will provide the impression of a spa. Adjustable shower heads with sliding bars will help guests easily change the height of the showerhead.

Colour Schemes

Try to keep a monochrome palette as choosing one colour provides the illusion of maximum space, purity and subtlety. The colours currently very popular in hotel bathrooms are earth tones, shades of red, blue and green. Light and muted colours will be best, guaranteeing universality for any design project. You should also break the colour with some strong accents to make sure that they don’t overwhelm the space. You can also use mixes of colours and patterns. Choose two colours that work together and combine beautifully. Many hotels and resorts strive for an appearance that is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Consider combining marble with brass for a timeless classic combination. For a modern twist, consider darker chrome or nickel marble.


Although bathrooms in hotels and resorts differ in style, one of the trends that often appears is minimalism. Easy to clean and maintain surfaces are very efficient in hotel conditions. Most hotels that choose a minimalist and emphasize it with luxurious details. Usually, the highest quality materials are selected to ensure long-term use and universal appearance. Materials such as white tiles, glass, stainless steel and quartz give the bathrooms a very clean, white look, and luxurious at the same time. Quartz is a commonly used material, suitable for wall panels, toilet tops, showers and bathtubs. Its visual quality and durability guarantee long-term use.

Eco – Friendly Designs

Many hotels save the environment thanks to eco-friendly upgrades in bathroom areas and beyond. LED lighting, water-saving faucet and toilet flushing features are just a few examples of cost-effective designs. Think about installing backlit mirrors. They ensure an even distribution of light, is effective and essential, regardless of whether the design is traditional or modern.

Advanced Bathroom Equipment

In many hotels and resorts, we can find advanced bathroom equipment such as a mirror demister and a home SPA system. Home SPA systems with built-in aromatherapy, chromotherapy and water therapy functions provide mental and physical support. Chromotherapy uses colour and light to help improve your mood and overall health. Aromatherapy is based on the use of plant extracts and essential oils to improve your well-being.

General Contractor

Remodelling of hotel bathrooms requires choosing an experienced general contractor. ​Before contacting them, define the project precisely. ​The work must be completed within the budget, and as quickly as possible. It is very important to avoid unnecessary construction noise, smell and dirt that can disturb hotel guests’ comfort. General contractors usually have many years of experience, which is often visible in their portfolio, photo gallery or in before and after photos. General contractors should have a valid license. Check your local court records for any problems. Ask your contractor for a copy of his license and copies of the licenses of the subcontractors that will be involved in the project.