4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Restaurant Furniture

Properly selected contract furniture for the restaurant reflects the personality and character of the place. Bespoke joinery should be synchronized with the theme, menu and target group that restaurant owners and managers would like to acquire. Aesthetics, comfort and colour palette are also important. There are some of the most common mistakes you can avoid by following a few tips.

Wrong Measurement

Furniture must fit the physical space of your property, and customers must be able to move freely. When planning the arrangement of furniture, prepare a floor plan that will help you analyze the different options. Take into account the height, weight or possible disabilities of your future customers to make sure that the ordered tables, chairs, seating booths, cabinets or countors will be comfortable for all of them. To make the right choice of furniture for the hospitality sector, you should take into account the amount of space in which the work will take place, the number of pieces needed and how it will affect the flow of customers in the dining room. Make sure chairs and tables or stools and couches are of the correct height. Just a few centimetres away might ruin the whole dinner experience. For example, 750mm high tables with 450mm high chairs,750mm high stools paired with 1050mm high leaners and 650mm high stools with 900mm high leaners are ideal.

Wrong Comfort Level

Not only the dimensions of the furniture are the most important, but also the comfort and convenience of customers. Convenience is the factor that largely influences the guest experience. This does not mean throwing away uncomfortable sofas or chairs. It is enough to use other types of fabrics or put pillows on the chairs. Changing the upholstery makes it possible to unify the furniture through a single aesthetic. When you order contract furniture it is necessary to take into account disabled people requirements. You should make sure that each table has enough space for wheelchairs. When contacting your general contractor, specify that you need furniture that does not make any unwanted noise. Also describe the surface of the tables in detail, because some tables, which are tiled or metal, despite their great appearance in combination with cutlery, may emit unpleasant sounds that might be embarrassing in the long perspective.

Wrong Color

Colour is a factor that brings harmony to the restaurant. At the same time, it influences the way guests eat and how they perceive food. There is also a close relationship between colours and eating habits. By using a colour palette based on red, you will certainly make customers feel hungry. Blue colours effectively suppress appetite.

The Cheapest Option

If you would like to buy contract furniture, think about quality that should be always put first. It’s not about choosing the cheapest materials to save some pennies. Saving in a wider perspective means replacing the cheapest furniture with new ones because they will not stand the test of time. This is especially important if you organize hosts parties or children who may cause this unavoidable damage. Good quality restaurant furniture does not have to be the most expensive, but it will always cost a little more. What is important a good price does not mean that you are getting a good deal. Furniture specifically manufactured for commercial use are more durable.