Hotel Renovation and Interior Design Trends for 2021

The top trends in the hospitality industry in 2021 will depend on the massive shift in consumer preferences caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Hotel operators will invest in the latest technologies and focus on improving the quality of service. Modern, harmonic hotel interior designs combined with relatively new technologies, such as access to the room through an application in smartphones, air conditioning systems with voice control, acoustic systems, robotic administrators or wireless chargers for mobile devices will continue to arouse considerable interest among business guests looking for a higher level of comfort. Experts predict that 2021 will be a time of changes in the hotel industry, full of new ideas, original colours, textures, unusual building materials or original furniture designs in a hotel lobby.

Eco-Friendly Design

​Certified products and natural materials, such as wood, glass, stone or metal, that meet all ecological standards are most often used during hotel renovations because they are the best substitutes for modern plastics. Experts predict that natural upholstery and decorative fabrics, unpainted wooden surfaces, stone textures, large-format porcelain stoneware and ceramics will be particularly popular in 2021. The latest trends include health and energy-saving technologies such as innovative air purification systems, water filters, motion sensors and automatic water stop. Hotel interiors, the design of which follows ecological trends, consists of living plants in various solutions, such as decorating lobby walls with greenery and moss.

Personalization and Expression in 2021

The ascetically and discreetly decorated hotel spaces are not as popular as in previous years. The key to design hotel rooms in 2021 will be personalization and expression. The trends of 2021 suggest renovation of hotel rooms and hotel lobby, which will make guests feel relaxed, will gain strength and spend time with loved ones. Experts recommend using a light and calm colour palette for most rooms and the use of a beautifully decorated accent wall, unusual art objects and works of art. Up-to-date technical innovations in combination with sound-absorbing windows or properly arranged lighting and luxurious beds will create a unique atmosphere.

Designing Hotel Bathrooms in 2021

Top trends of 2021 suggest that a hotel bathroom is no longer just a functional room, but also serves as a relaxation area, and in many cases a spa area. The atmosphere of relaxation and luxury can be provided to guests by using several types of sewage in one bathroom, for example by separating the shower area, bathtub and washbasin, and by using high-quality finishing materials with adequate resistance to moisture. Installation of the newest technical solutions, such as heated floors, modern air conditioning, intelligent ventilation systems or mirrors with a built-in TV set, require experience or hiring a general contractor. Following design trends in 2021 means incorporating decorative elements, live plants, floor vases and designer lamps into hotel bathrooms.

Redesign of the Hotel Lobby

Another interesting trend that will emerge in 2021 is the redesign of the standard look and feel of hotel lobbies based on pandemic guidelines. Many hotel operators cooperate with interior designers and general contractors to redesign hotel interiors. Recently hotel designers create hotel lobby renovation projects based on social distance and non-contact systems that will provide guests with safety and comfort. The spreading pandemic will force the hospitality industry to maximize creativity and problem-solving capacity in 2021. In the renovation of the hotel lobby, antimicrobial materials and signs showing the way to seating areas and the installation of touchless bathroom fittings in toilets.