How to Design a Restaurant Interior to Improve Customer Experience


In the hospitality industry, competition is not only about taste. Restaurateurs serve their dishes in more

and more unusual locations, compete in creating surprising restaurant designs and inventing new rules.

A unique combination of tasty cuisine with an original interior is a real chance for a presence in social

media and 100% occupancy. How to design a restaurant interior to improve customer experience?


The suitable interior of a restaurant can satisfy various senses, create ideas, build a specific atmosphere

and convey an idea. Unique ideas for a restaurant design may come from nature, art, science or

philosophy. However, it is worth taking into account the realities of everyday life and the needs of

potential customers. If you thinking about restaurant remodeling, it is worth highlighting pro-ecological

moods on the menu, restaurant equipment and restaurant decor. It is also popular to combine

consumption with art or entertainment. Therefore, consider such an option in your project. Today, even

menu design becomes an art. Everything can be unique, interesting and, if tasty, contribute to the success

of the restaurant. Interior designers and architects know that the key to success, apart from combining

tasty cuisine with good design, is the compliance of the project with the founder’s vision and the chef’s

cooking style. An important factor is the location of the premises and its neighbourhood. A thorough

analysis of the competition will allow avoiding duplicating ideas and let create a fresh interior.


When arranging the restaurant interiors, remember about the functionality, layout, size of the rooms, the

type of equipment and their arrangement. Other important factors are dimensions and bar position.

Guests must feel comfortable, and the waiters must move freely in the restaurant. The same applies to

the kitchen layout. If the kitchen design is suitable, the work will run smoothly without disruptions, which

will allow for the quick processing of complex orders. The most common mistake is the wrong selection

of furniture. Uncomfortable chairs, too low or high tables forcing customers to sit uncomfortably while

tasting dishes are the nightmare of restaurateurs. Attractive design is an important premise, but the right

shape and dimensions of the furniture are crucial. Materials must be easy to clean, but not too hard or

slippery. Custom woodwork or contract furniture with an effective appearance might be the right solution.


When renovating a restaurant, you may notice that almost every space has its own advantages.

Sometimes it is a large window, easy to expose by arranging restaurant furniture. Another time, an

interesting niche that allows creating a cosy corner. If you are not sure you can always choose the popular

Provencal style which is bright, cosy, full of wooden furniture and home accessories.If the restaurant is

located in a modern building, designer furniture, as well as lighting with simple, geometric forms and bold

colours, will add energy to the interior. You can also create an urban jungle style restaurant in contrast to

the surroundings full of glass and concrete. This is in line with the latest natural trends. According to

which restaurants are full of furniture or accessories made of natural, friendly materials and lots of