Restaurant and Bar Furniture: Tables and Chairs


Regardless of whether you are renovating, planning to open the premises or visual changes in the current one, the furniture should be visually attractive and comfortable for customers. The crucial factor is the design as it influences the interior. The purpose of furniture design is to attract, retain guests and make them return. Furniture designed for the hospitality sector should be comfortable, but at the same time, extremely practical because of intensive use. For this reason, metal, plastic or wooden furniture works very well, as they are materials highly resistant to external factors.

How to Choose Restaurant Style?

How to arrange a restaurant that guests will visit often? It’s best to choose a style first. Through colours and decorations, it can refer to the cuisine or country. Another idea is to select one of the architectural styles. The interior design should tell customers more about the company. Is it traditional or modern, elegant and official or perhaps open and informal? The most important is the customer the restaurateur would like to attract. Arranging restaurants according to the current fashion is a controversial issue. The most reasonable compromise seems to be the use of timeless furniture in combination with fashionable accessories. Such a solution will enable a quick reaction when new trends appear.

Restaurant Tables

It is best to start completing the dining space in the restaurant with the choice of tables. They occupy the most space, and their arrangement determines the communication paths. Construction experts recommend carefully considering the shape, dimensions and material of the table. Round tables in the restaurant emphasize its elegance and rank. Their advantage is the division of places which makes them all equal. Tables in this shape look best in the middle of the restaurant room, but worse against the walls and furniture. If you plan small tables for 2 to 6 people, they will take up less space than rectangular ones. The advantage of rectangular and square tables is the possibility of combining them. It is crucial when the restaurant accommodates large groups and organizes special events. Rectangular tables look good both in the corner and in the middle of the room.

Restaurant Chairs

You can select chairs from the same collection or choose a variety. It is crucial to match the chairs with the height of the table. Most often, dining tables are approximately 29 inches high – then chairs with a seat height of 29 inches will be appropriate.

Upholstered Chairs

Restaurateurs often are not sure which chairs to choose: with an upholstered or hard seat? The first type guarantees high seating comfort, which results in the guests staying longer in the restaurant, using its services. Cleaning this type of furniture may seem troublesome. In this case, the choice of the right upholstery is vital. Thanks to the high-quality material, keeping it clean will not be difficult. You do not have to opt for leather. There are many other high-quality fabrics available on the market. Upholstered chairs work well for mid-range and premium premises, where the turnover of guests is lower, and their comfort plays a key role.

Wooden Chairs

If you are looking for chairs without upholstery, consider wooden chairs. Pleasant to the eye look, comfort and easy to clean are some of their advantages. They turn out to be a universal answer to the needs of most restaurants. Regardless of the nature of the interior, wooden furniture for restaurants is a good choice. They come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and types of finishes. Often with other materials such as glass and metal. Wood is a timeless material that will never go out of style. In addition, customers feel good because it is a material of natural origin.

Bar Stools

When equipping your restaurant, don’t forget about the bar space. If you have a large bar, use it and put chairs next to it. Guests who drop in for a drink like those waiting to be seated are eager to sit there. Today, manufacturers offer many attractive and solid bar stools.