Custom Commercial Furniture for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars


Custom-made furniture for restaurants, cafes or bars can fully meet the customer’s needs and maximize any interior’s potential, which is impossible with ready-made furniture. The ability to select most parameters, type of material, the shape of individual elements, colours and fittings makes bespoke joinery an investment for years. Professional tailor-made furniture is ideally suited to the requirements in the hospitality industry, as well as to the room’s volume. Well-designed commercial furniture is consistent with space, hiding defects and emphasizing the beneficial aspects of the interior design at the same time. The benefits of custom-made furniture are much more. Here are the most important of them.

Custom-made Furniture Manufacturing and Installation

Custom-made furniture manufacturing and installation for hospitality can help to use any unusual space and match the furniture to the shape of a dining room, bar, cafe or restaurant kitchen. Custom restaurant furniture is perfect for small, unremarkable rooms and allows you to create a completely personalized space. You can adapt dimensions, types of cabinets, materials and finishes to your needs. Another advantage of commercial furniture is the possibility to build up all nooks. It allows placing compartments and cabinets in them, and what is more, you can eliminate places where dust and grease accumulate. An additional advantage of bespoke joinery is that the manufacturer of restaurants and cafe furniture takes care of the assembly and implementation of your vision. The contractor adjusts the elements using professional machines that will not damage the furniture. Thanks to the custom-made furniture, you can plan the location of lighting points and their connections. Customized furniture is of excellent quality and will look attractive for many years. Bespoke joinery is an effective solution to hide installation lines, protruding wall elements or installations outside the walls. This situation often occurs in small restaurants, where custom-made furniture is the only option that allows the walls to look aesthetically and compactly. Custom-built furniture also helps to hide connections and arrange equipment in various configurations.

Custom Made Woodwork Benefits

Another benefit of custom made woodwork is the freedom to create their appearance and thus the atmosphere of the interior. Thanks to custom wooden furniture, you get a tailor-made product, absolutely unique. Together with the contractor, you can create a project that will reflect your personal preferences. You can choose from various types of fronts, countertops, finishes, and handles, as well as a wide range of colours. Quality furniture manufacturers offer an individual choice of materials and countless furniture finishes that shape the final result. There are many more factors that determine the quality and durability of built-in furniture. For followers of tradition, various types of wood, furniture boards and MDF are available. These are popular solutions, giving a good end product while maintaining the appropriate quality of the material and careful work. In recent years a common material is glass in the traditional version, with the possibility of making a selected print on the surface.

Durability and High Quality of Bespoke Joinery

Made to order furniture for a restaurant, cafe, and bar is better than ready-made furniture available in stores. The carpenters who deal with its implementation always care for everything to be done as it should be. If a mistake arises when creating custom wooden furniture, it can be easily corrected later during the installation. Custom made woodwork is manufactured individually, with a lot of work at every stage, from design to assembly. Individual work excludes repetitive production. It allows you to refine all details, style and functionality, thanks to which the furniture is of the highest quality. The refinement of all details ensures maximum comfort and convenience of use. Customized furniture can be made of any selected materials and equipped with mechanisms with a lifetime guarantee. They are durable when using as intended. Properly applied varnish on the surface of the furniture creates a mechanically resistant coating. When buying ready-made furniture, you do not influence the thickness of the varnish layer, the number of these layers and the quality of work. When it comes to custom-made furniture, you decide on its durability by choosing good quality material and appropriate painting quality. The type of furniture finishing is crucial as varnished fronts constitute a barrier to moisture and temperature fluctuations. They are also much more difficult to scratch than laminated.