8 Bar Renovation Ideas to Boost Customer Traffic

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  Many people dream of having their pub or bar. This seemingly simple business requires a lot of work, as well as a considerable investment to start. The adaptation of the premises, bar renovation, bar fit-out or obtaining specific permits is just some of them. How to open a bar to be successful? It is worth taking care not only of the atmosphere of the place but also wise financial decisions. See proven bar design ideas and find out how to boost customer traffic.

  1. Bar Remodeling

  There is a big difference between a pub in the old town square and a bar in the busy city centre, therefore, the location and visibility are crucial. The worst thing is to open the place in the gate or a side alley. Regardless of the choice of premises, it is worth checking the technical condition of the entire infrastructure: pipes, cables, electrical devices, etc. The budget, refurbishment or architectural plans of the bar will depend on this. Choose wisely to open a bar that will not generate high costs. Each interference in the space, each renovation or change is an additional cost. It is worth remembering that the costs of remodeling or construction are rarely within the assumed budget. So look for a place that does not require extensive work. It is best to choose a place where was a bar, pub or club before. Thanks to this, you will receive the necessary infrastructure, which could be very expensive to build from scratch. Perhaps such a bar will not look like your dream place, but it is not a problem. After the pub starts earning money, you will invest your profits in adapting it to your vision.

  1. Themed Bars Design 

You can use the bar specialization to create a specific, unique character of the bar design. The arrangement of a vodka bar or cocktail bar is a different concept than a multitap with kraft beer. In the case of a typical beer pub, a proven idea is to focus on the stylization of a specific country: Czech, Irish, Belgian, German, etc. It will specify the direction in which the pub design should follow. The German bar will probably refer to Bavaria, Oktoberfest and will serve bratwursts. Irish bar will associate with St. Patrick, characteristic folk music and Guinness. The general rule is to evoke as many associations with a given culture as possible, and at the same time to surprise customers with something. The strategy of arranging a bar according to the culture of a particular country may be effective. However, it is popular nowadays. Therefore, it is worth thinking about less known countries and cultures from which we could draw inspiration.

  1. Bars for History Lovers

Another type of specialization is the historical arrangement. Many bars want to refer to a specific era with their atmosphere. Hence the often encountered pubs, where you can find, for example, old newspapers or banknotes, a characteristic language and what the owner associated with those times. However, you do not need to limit your creativity to relatively recent eras. Sufficiently imagination will help you to open a medieval bar, ancient Roman or Victorian.

  1. Sports Pubs & Bars Design

The thematic specialization seems might also be interesting. In this case, the atmosphere of the bar and its decor revolve around a specific theme, a hobby, a work of culture (book or movie), travel, sport and more. When it comes to hobbies, bars where you can play are more and more popular. It is not only about board games but also games for consoles or RPG sessions. You can also easily arrange a basketball, football or other sports bar.

  1. Multitap Bar Design

Pubs more and more often offer craft beer, which is a result of the so-called beer revolution, i.e. reducing the demand for typical beers from large companies in favour of new styles of beverages from small breweries. By opening such a bar and carrying out renovations in the vicinity of the city centre, the owner can count on a significant profit, as craft beers are expensive.

  1. Hipster Bar Design

  This type of decor is a popular hipster style. The point is that the interior design should look as if its refurbishment is still in process. So instead of ordinary sofas and tables, you have pallets with cushions and many pieces of furniture made of plywood. In addition, light bulbs hanging on the cable from the ceiling, without chandeliers, white or grey walls (or smeared with graffiti or paint). Wooden boxes can be perfect bar furniture (tables, elements of counters, stools or shelves). A bookcase surrounded by other items associated with renovation looks very makeshift, which strengthens the atmosphere.

  1. Industrial Bar Design

Industrial bar design is present not only in bars, pubs and restaurants but also in homes and offices. Its characteristic architectural elements are bricks, metal, wood, and large windows.

  1. Hiring a General Contractor

Wondering how to open a bar but afraid of being overwhelmed by costs or formalities? Consider using the professional help of a general contractor who will guide you through the entire process from design, through technical issues, to the smallest detail of the bar fit-out. Using its services is an additional cost, but good advice from a professional can help you achieve significant savings and avoid unforeseen expenses.