What to Consider When Designing a Restaurant Interior

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Restaurant interior arrangements often base their uniqueness on satisfying various senses, creating motives, building a specific atmosphere or conveying ideas. Inspirations usually come from nature, art, science and philosophy. When arranging a restaurant, it is good to consider the design of an open kitchen because such a venue is fashionable and emphasizes that cooking is an art. Pro-ecological moods, healthy food, sustainable solutions are worth accenting in the menu, restaurant arrangement and restaurant decorations. It is also fashionable to combine consumption with art or entertainment. Paintings, sculptures, books, and concerts are present in many hospitality premises. It is worth incorporating these options in interior design before restaurant renovation. All this can be unique, interesting and, as long as the presented dishes are exceptional, it will contribute to the restaurant’s success.

Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Interior

The process of designing a restaurant interior will be easy, thanks to dividing it into stages. First, you should define the interior’s character. Take into account the served dishes and style (e.g. rustic, modern, industrial, Provencal). Then choose the shape, dimensions and table material. Match them with comfortable and attractive chairs. No matter what restaurant furniture you choose, it must be durable. The use of restaurant equipment is hundreds of times higher than at home. The choice of solid wood, preferably custom made furniture, ensures a neat look for years and savings. Finally, select accessories that will complement the appearance of the premises. At every stage of the arrangement, keep your customer in mind because it is for him you are renovating or remodeling a restaurant. Effective arranging of space will set you apart from the competition and attract the right clients. However, if you do not have time to take care of your hospitality interiors yourself, we will help you at every stage of restaurant refurbishment. Together with our experienced architects, interior designers and construction experts, we will implement even the most demanding restaurant project.

Restaurant Tables Manufacturers

It is best to start the preparation of the dining room equipment in the premises with the selection of tables as they take up the most space and their arrangement determines communication paths. Hospitality experts recommend carefully considering the shape, dimensions and material of the table. Buildeo London is a restaurant furniture manufacturer and supplier that provides high-quality bespoke restaurant furniture, including tables, chairs, sofas, barstools, bar tables, bar countertops and booths. Round tables in the restaurant emphasize its elegance and rank. Their advantage is the division of places which makes them all equal. Tables in this shape look best in the middle of the restaurant room, but worse against the walls and furniture. The advantage of rectangular and square tables is the possibility of combining them. It is crucial when the restaurant accommodates large groups and organizes special events. Rectangular tables look good both in the corner and in the middle of the room.

Custom Upholstered Chairs

A common dilemma for restaurateurs is which dining chairs to choose. Custom upholstered chairs guarantee seating comfort, which may cause guests to stay longer in the restaurant. However, cleaning this type of furniture may prove troublesome. Therefore, it is crucial in this case to choose the right upholstery. Thanks to the high-quality material, keeping it clean will not be a challenge. There are many other high-quality fabrics on the market. Upholstered chairs are the perfect choice for mid-range and premium premises, where the turnover of guests is lower, and their comfort plays a key role.

Custom-designed Wooden Chairs

If you are looking for chairs without upholstery, consider custom-designed wooden chairs. Pleasing to the eye, comfortable and easy to clean are just some of their advantages. They turn out to be a universal answer to the needs of most restaurants. Regardless of the nature of the interior, bespoke wooden furniture for restaurants is a good choice. They come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and types of finishes. Wood is a timeless material that will never go out of style. In addition, people feel good in the presence of wood because it is a material of natural origin.