Best Types of Wood for Restaurant Interiors

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  As a result of increasing consumerism, quality often loses to the competitive price. In many hospitality spaces, you can find nice but not necessarily long-lasting furniture. It is visible in the interior design of many restaurants. Furniture stores are full of fashionable dining tables, bookcases, cabinets or MDF shelves, which after a year of use in restaurant interiors no longer look good. Therefore, consider the decision of purchasing a good-quality, durable, and stunning-looking material such as wood. The investment will only pay off if the new, custom-made wooden furniture lasts several years. The choice of wood is crucial as it affects appearance, durability, hardness and texture. Below we present the most popular types of wood used in the production of restaurant furniture.

There are many types of wood, and it is impossible to present them all here. Therefore we focus on the basic ones, the most often used by Buildeo carpenters. These are oak, ash and American walnut.

European Oak Furniture  

  Oak is one of the most popular materials for custom furniture manufacturing. It is a heavy, solid, dark and hardwood that provides a sufficiently high strength of the final product, both against mechanical damage and water. Oakwood has high abrasion resistance, which makes it perfect for intensively used furniture, as well as a material for bespoke joinery solutions for floors, oak tables or stairs. Oakwood furniture can be recognized by its colour, from beige, goldish to pale grey with brown. It has a non-uniform texture and clear pores that emphasize its character. When dyed, these pores let to display the grain of this precious wood. Oak is a wood of high density. In carpentry applications, oak is hard material for several reasons. Preparation of oak for furniture production requires careful seasoning. It allows eliminating internal stresses. After the seasoning period, it is necessary to carry out the drying process very strictly. Some dryers even say that oak is the most difficult species to control. However, well-prepared wood is half the battle. Manufacturing a unique piece of furniture for restaurants require cutting out elements of appropriate quality from the sawn timber, avoiding knots and other defects, often invisible before.

Ash Restaurants Furniture

Ash is a beautiful wood, perfect for furniture fronts, as well as floors and stairs. It provides very high durability and mechanical strength. In terms of durability, ash is as good as oak. Its durability and resistance to weather conditions are low, so ash is mainly suitable for restaurant dining rooms furniture. Its colour varies from light yellow and dark yellow to brown. In practice, ash lumber is two-coloured, with shades that differ significantly from each other. Ash furniture for restaurants has a beautiful pattern, similar to oak but more expressive. Ashwood has smaller pores, which means that its structure is not so visible after the dyeing process. Due to its hardness, ash is perfectly polished, and furniture made of this wood, after being oiled, is silky smooth. In comparison to oak, ash is easier to dry and sand, but it is slightly more difficult to process with cutting, planning and milling. For this reason, when manufacturing ash furniture, it is necessary to strictly observe the deadlines for sharpening tools to avoid tearing out fibres on the treated surface.

American Walnut Furniture

American walnut is perfect for furniture with medium hardness. It has a variety of colours, from grey, through yellow to a warm brown. It is a raw material for the production of restaurant furniture, doors, floors and panelling. It fits interestingly with other types of wood. It is a grateful species for tailor-made furniture production because it is a material that is easy to machine and dry. The white of the walnut differs in colour from the hardwoods. Walnut wood has a beautiful, noble colour, and therefore it is rarely coloured additionally. American walnut furniture for restaurants shows its true nature and beauty by applying the first layer of a colourless oil. Then, from the not very expressive surface of the wood, you can receive an explosion of colours and grains.

How to Purchase the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant

There is no universal type of wood that will suit every project. Everything depends on the piece of furniture and its destination. There are plenty of other interesting types of wood in the furniture industry, such as elm, alder, acacia or birch. There are also many exotic kinds of wood, and it is impossible to list all of them here. The furniture industry is dominated by deciduous over coniferous species because of their greater hardness and more interesting graining of deciduous species. The choice of wood for restaurant furniture determines its purpose and the stored place. For example, decorative furniture for restaurants should be fancy, and dining tables must be beautiful, durable and easy to clean.

How to furnish the restaurant of your dreams? Contact our carpenters. Together, we will come up with a project and choose the appropriate type of wood.