4 Coffee Shop Renovation Tips To Increase Sales

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  Most British cannot imagine a day without their favourite coffee. Research conducted by Allegra World Coffee Portal found that roughly one-third of consumers surveyed drank between two and six cups of coffee per week at coffee shops. Only 2.7% claimed to do not to drink coffee at coffee shops. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, experts predict industry revenues to grow as the economy slowly back into balance. A significant number of coffee shops has recently been refurbished, reopened after lockdown and adapted for work safely. How to remodel a cafe to increase sales?

  1. Choose the Right Lighting for Your Cafe

  Create a mood by installing lighting as the light must reflect the natural colour of cakes and drinks. Then they seem more attractive and are bought more willingly. Provide bright lighting for display counters, refrigerators and food distribution areas. The spotlight installation is perfect for this purpose, and it will also assist employees in preparing meals and drinks. Desserts and sandwiches presented behind glass will look much better and inviting in cold-coloured light and will highlight all the qualities of the dish. A slightly warmer shade of light will be better within the tables. Research shows that customers influenced by such relaxing lighting eat and order less but are more satisfied with the food quality, service and cafe decor. After a cafe remodeling, every owner would like to be well-rated and frequented. The most popular and practical solution is ceiling lamps. The models hanging above the tables or counters will pleasantly diffuse the light, which will divide the space into zones and create an intimate atmosphere at each table. Most pendant lighting can adjust the length of the cord, thanks to which it is possible to hang the model lower and deepen the atmosphere of intimacy. The popular models are those with exposed bulbs. Therefore they will be a perfect complement to loft interiors. To produce the desired light colour, you need appropriate bulbs. You can use warm-coloured light sources. Perfect for any cafe arrangement will be models that create neutral light, the closest to daylight. It is also worth considering the use of energy-saving light bulbs. Commercial lights must be on many hours a day. It is worth using extremely efficient LED bulbs.

  1. Replace Cafe Furniture

When designing a cafe, remember about functionality and aesthetics. The cafe interiors is a place of relaxation and long friendly conversations.  There are no banquets here, so the furniture should be small and neat. Consider custom-made cafe furniture such as small chairs and round tables. Comfort is necessary to get more customers and thus affects the profit level. It is worth ordering padded chairs or armchairs to improve the customer experience. You can also choose high tables for drinks and desserts. The most common mistake made by entrepreneurs is the lack of durable chairs for cafes. Often they buy cheap furniture, and after some time they have to invest in replacing them. Coffee shop furniture should last longer than residential. Most companies offer a limited warranty on products. Therefore, the best solution is to find experienced carpenters whose furniture will last much longer than those found in stores.

  1. Update the Decor of Your Cafe

  The cafe must be comfortable and usable. To create the perfect cafe interior, tailored to the specifics of the premises, you need the help of an experienced interior designer and general contractor. Do not ignore this because the name of the brand and coffee shop decor will be the first thing that customers notice. The interior design should be part of your philosophy and reflect your unique ideas. If you are planning to build a luxury brand, remember that building materials and decorative elements should be of an equally high level.

  1. Design the Exterior of Your Coffee Shop

It is easy to ignore a cafe exterior and focus on refining elements of the cafe interior. Therefore, pay more attention to the landscape, exterior lighting, and exterior appearance of the building, as this is the first thing customers see. Some of them decide whether to enter because of their first impressions. By creating a unique external appearance, you will generate interest in the local community. People will be curious about who is opening the coffee shop and what the profile will be. Fine-tuning every detail to draw attention to your coffee shop can serve as a powerful marketing tool.