5 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas To Attract Customers

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The interior reflects the character and quality of the restaurant. Properly designed space, well-chosen music, and restaurant lighting should complement the experience related to the served dishes. The key factors that distinguish a restaurant renovation project from the competition are understanding the ethos, brand philosophy, and extensive knowledge about the target group. Other elements like a creative way of using restaurant furniture, equipment, interior finishes, and decorations are also crucial to attract and keep the customer’s attention. Additionally, successful hospitality facilities have a unique atmosphere and tasty dishes at an attractive price. Here are some ideas for restaurant interior design to achieve the desired effect.

1. Designing Space in a Restaurant

The crucial element that should be taken into account when planning the surface of the premises is the recommended standards of allowed space. The comfort of guests and the safety of employees is a priority in the proper functioning of the restaurant. When planning the arrangement of tables and chairs, it is necessary to consider the age of the restaurant’s customers. Older people prefer more space and single chairs more than younger people.

Hospitality experts recommend the size of the space needed by the customer, depending on the type of premises:

Fast food: 11-14 square feet.

Fast-casual: 11-14 square feet.

Fine Kitchen: 18-20 square feet.

Full-service restaurant: 12-15 square feet.

2. The Leitmotif in the Interior Design of the Restaurant

The popularity of themed restaurants with a leitmotif is increasing. The choice of style reflected in the interior of the premises is not restricted. When engaging an interior designer and general contractor to help you arrange your dream restaurant, do not forget about your concept, as well as the precise definition of the target group. The leitmotif of the restaurant’s décor should build the atmosphere of the interior, emphasizing its originality and refinement.

3. Lighting Installation in the Restaurant

The right colour of lighting in the dining room enhances the taste of the dishes. Our sense of sight influences taste. The lighting at the table should delicately accentuate the food, porcelain and guests. When choosing the best lighting for restaurants, carefully consider its type. Fluorescent lamps have a warm, yellowish-orange or blue-green glow, while halogen lights are similar to white light. Perfect lighting effect you can achieve not only by the appropriate selection of the type but also by its proper placement. Installation of wall lamps, chandeliers, directional spotlights or lights hung on the ceiling are perfect for this purpose. Eliminating deep shadows and glare when entering and exiting the restaurant will adjust the field of view and prevent slips and falls.

4. The Psychology of Color

When planning a restaurant’s decor, do not forget about the qualities of colours and the fact that they can optically enlarge or reduce your restaurant space. Some interior designers believe that every room in a restaurant should have a bit of yellow as this colour means liveliness and joy. Blue should not be used in the eating area and treated as a complementary colour. If you want to stimulate the appetite of your guests, you can paint one of the walls red, with a golden tone, you can revive other colours and illuminate dark wood. The best colours to accentuate a restaurant’s interior are black, white, beige, grey and brown. Black and dark brown represent sophistication and are ideal for restaurants with an elegant character. White colour means purity and uniformity.

5. Interior Design Based on Restaurant Furniture

  Restaurants often change accessories along with successive seasons and trends. Therefore, it is worth focusing on a universal base that will give the surroundings the possibility of many ways of arrangement. Custom-made restaurant furniture from solid materials, with a simple, minimalist form, will be a great decision in this case. The furniture can decorate restaurant interiors for many years, and its versatility will look good in various surroundings. Modern furniture seems to be the right proposition, as they are perfect for both industrial and loft restaurant fit-out. You can also arrange them in many ways.